DIY Origami Lucky Stars Chain | a crafty tutorial!

Hi hi hi! I had the idea for making this yesterday, and instantly got about to doing it! I also remembered to take some photos so I could share the idea with y’all- and oh my goodness, a chain of origami stars is really cute, ahhh! Hope you enjoy! YOU WILL NEED: -origami paper -scissors -white/any other color thread (or something like it) -a needle … Continue reading DIY Origami Lucky Stars Chain | a crafty tutorial!

My Art: Luna Lovegood

I was feeling artsy last week, so I decided to draw Luna Lovegood (from Harry Potter, if you are for some odd reason unsure of her). I am ridiculously proud of how she turned out- other than the fact that apparently her wand is supposed to be behind her left ear? Ah well. You can’t get everything. Plus it’d be blocking her face, and I love it too much otherwise. Here’s some pics! Don’t steal, that’s just mean. And not right. 😦

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Music is What Feelings Sound Like

This post could alternately be titled, Evi is a Music Geek and Enjoys Messing Around with Canva Way Too Much. I have recently discovered how wonderfully wonderful is, and am now (minorly) obsessed. So, I thought it would be super cool to make pretty picture things to different lyrics from songs! Much thanks to Scarlett and another friend of mine for suggesting lyrics… “Shake … Continue reading Music is What Feelings Sound Like


This is Robo! Say hi to Robo, everyone! He popped into my head one day- and I like him ’cause he’s easy  to draw and really cute. I mean, just look at him looking at the flower! How cute is that! If you think I’m wacky and don’t really like him, eh. I like him, and I cannot control your thoughts. Bye, Robo! Evi Continue reading Robo!