This page is a list of some of my current writing projects. You can click on the title to see their Pinterest board.

Potential Camp NaNo 2016

Middle-Grade novel about a young girl with all sorts of fantastical creatures, and those who doubt her. Also her dad.

Orange Cough Drops

About those terrible orange cough drops and a girl (well, two).

Untitled High Fantasy

About a girl who is one with nature, a troubled queenling from a nation with too many problems, and a war over them all.


Loosely about a girl who has wings, a boy who can blend with anything, a boy who turns immortal on his 16th birthday, and a man who leads them all in their attempt to take down a queen possessed with dark magic.

Stage: midway through first draft (probably abandoned)

Type: series (Winged is first)


About a boy named Jack who finds a cat that turns into a girl named Kitty. Oh, and she’s a shapeshifter, with a creepy “sister” who won’t let her back home. And then mila (it’s complicated) gets stuck in Kitty’s world. (Yaaaay.)

Stage: finished, I just like the Pinterest board tbh

Type: short story


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