Senior Year! | & other life updates

It’s been a while, everybody! I’m very happy to be writing something for the first time in a while and even more excited to chat with you all again.

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In July, I published a post about my anxieties for starting senior year due to an awful school year last year. I am delighted to report that, so far, this year has been so refreshing. My first block classes are the IB courses, but History and English are subjects I genuinely enjoy, so they’ve been manageable and not too tough, and then I get to mentor with one of the assistant principals at my school during second block! I usually have a lot of free time, since there’s generally not a lot for me to do, which allows me to get most of my homework done during the day. The one non-IB class I was worried about, French VII, is extremely chill as well and never stressful.

I’m just honestly extremely happy that this year is already going so smoothly. I’m still a senior, however, and thus senioritis has caught up to me and made me so excited to graduate. I’ve also somehow already applied to three colleges?? I swear it was just August????

life updates

  • In August, I got to help organize a town hall with candidates for Georgia & US Congress with March for Our Lives Georgia! It was so much fun: my best friend moderated the town hall, and I got to meet people like Ted Terry (the Georgia mayor who was on Queer Eye), Teresa Tomlinson, Michael Owens, and Dr. Jasmine Clark.
  • I got to see The Adventure Zone live!! The McElroys are some of my favorite podcasters ever, and it was so much fun to actually see a liveshow with one of my best friends. The Atlanta liveshow ep isn’t out yet, so no spoilers, but it was incredibly fun.
  • A photo of at least a hundred cosplayers gathered on a staircase, all in full Critical Role cosplay.
    Critical Role meetup!

    I went to DragonCon! I’ve wanted to go to DragonCon for ages: it’s the world’s largest fantasy/sci-fi convention and always has so many things to do, so I figured senior year would be the best year to do it. The consensus? Incredibly overwhelming but so much fun. I cosplayed as Mollymauk Tealeaf from Critical Role on Saturday and got to go to a super fun meetup for Critical Role fans, and got a couple goodies from other cosplayers there! My favorite part was definitely the vendor hall, where I got so much cool art and stickers and even a little bendy dragon!

  • In September, my best friend organized a Youth Activist Day in Atlanta with youth activists from March for Our Lives, Georgia High School Democrats, and so many other organizations. We had popsicles, speakers, and trivia, and it was so great to connect with other youth activists from around the state.
  • I passed my belt test for hapkido! My sister and I started taking hapkido classes over the summer, and I got to level up to a yellow belt (the second lowest) towards the end of the month.
  • A photo of a concert stage lit in blue, showing Dodie Clark singing and playing the ukulele into a microphone, with a lit-up sign behind her reading "dodie".DODIE. There’s a good chance I’ll just write a whole post about this, because it was so, so, so magical and incredible, but I got to see dodie finally! The concert was lovely and there were so many happy tears.
  • One of my other favorite podcasters, Lauren Shippen, came to one of my favorite bookstores for a book tour! Lauren is the creator of the audio drama The Bright Sessions, which was one of the first podcasts I listened to and adored and it was so cool to hear her speak and meet her!
  • Finally, last weekend, I went to Pride for the first time! March for Our Lives Georgia was able to march in the parade, and it was such a lovely and heartwarming experience. It was a bit rainy this year, even though it was much nicer than it would’ve been in June, and I’d love to go again.

All in all? This school year has been, so far, pretty freakin’ awesome, and it’s already almost halfway over. It’s also finally cooling down here in Georgia, and I’m loving the fall weather and am more than ready for winter! Hopefully I’ll be able to write some more posts before the new year. ♥

how has your school year/life been? let me know below!


3 thoughts on “Senior Year! | & other life updates

  1. I’m really glad to hear that this school year is going better than the last for you 🙂 It sounds like you’ve been doing a lot of cool stuff what with activism and podcasts and Pride so yay!! I’m a bit jealous that you got to see Lauren Shippen and the Adventure Zone haha. School has been pretty busy for me so far this year, but thankfully I’m now on holiday so I can take some time to recover. The cooler weather is also very good because now I can wear all my jumpers, yesss.

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