Monthly Mixtape #10 | beginning

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“What’s this?” you say, as you hear a knocking at your door. “Who could this possibly be? I haven’t had a visitor in months!”

SURPRISE. It’s Evi! Back after all this time!

It’s been six months since I last published anything (oof)! But, y’know, it’s a new year! I’ve made a lot of goals and one of them is- per usual- to get back into blogging, because I enjoy it a lot, and we all need to make time for the things we enjoy, dang it!

With the new year came a new discussion of the feature Eve @ Twist in the Taile and I run called Monthly Mixtape. (If you’re new- or somehow haven’t read literally the only things I’ve posted within the last year- we give you a one-word prompt each month to build a playlist around, with any and all music you’re interested in!) We did a little tweaking and rebranding- namely that we’re moving away from strict definitions and to more broader prompts- and Monthly Mixtape is ready to go for 2019!

As always, please link back to the original Monthly Mixtape prompt whenever you make a playlist. We welcome you to use the title image for your blog post if you wish. You can create a playlist in response to any of the previous prompts as well if you like. The next Monthly Mixtape will be (hopefully) up in the first week of February! And this month’s prompt- the FIRST PROMPT OF 2019 (!!)- is…

#10: beginning

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This playlist is a lot of heavy-but-hopeful & pumped-up & let’s-make-this-a-good-one feelings (a lot of the songs are just my favorites from my regular 2019 playlist, lol). 2018 got a little rough for me, and, while new years aren’t truly a blank slate, I think it’s good to always start off on an optimistic foot. It’s also got some of my faves from these past couple months, like George Ezra and Regina Spektor!



listen on spotify

new year – bonus track | regina spektor

good for goodness | brittain ashford

appointments | julien baker

pretty shining people | george ezra

this year | the mountain goats

i wanna get better | bleachers

party for one | carly rae jepsen

good as hell | lizzo

auld lang syne | pink martini

I want to hear what songs y’all use to bring in the new year! let me know below! and link me your playlists for all the good new year jams!


5 thoughts on “Monthly Mixtape #10 | beginning

  1. Oh I love this playlist so much! So many of my faves are on here, from Regina Spektor to Bleachers. Good For Goodness and Appointment are new to me but I like them very much and they make me feel a lot of emotions. Also, we play the Pink Martini wintery album in December every year and I enjoy it very much. I’m excited for more good playlists in 2019! ❤

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    1. WE DO THAT TOO! My parents are, like, super Pink Martini fans so I kind of grew up on them. I honestly only heard “Good for Goodness” like two weeks ago but gah my heart. ❤️ Thank youuuu and I’m so excited for more playlists!!!!

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