Monthly Mixtape #1 | luminescence

It’s a new year and a new feature, everybody! I’m very excited to post this and I’m very thankful to Eve for asking if I wanted to be a part of it: they’re the best!

A cassette tape with the words 'monthly mixtape' in a brush script above and below.

Monthly Mixtape is a music feature created by Eve @ Twist in the Taile and Evi @ Adventuring Through Pages (that’s me!). Here’s how it works: each month, we give you a one-word prompt, and you make a playlist. We welcome you to interpret the prompt however you want and with whatever music you’re into. You can link to your Monthly Mixtape here!

Please link back to the original Monthly Mixtape prompt whenever you make a playlist. We welcome you to use the title image for your blog post if you wish. You can create a playlist in response to any of the prompts going forward, not just the current months, but you won’t be able to add your link once the new prompt is up. The next Monthly Mixtape will be up in the first week of February.  And the first prompt is…

#1: luminescence

luminescence, noun: a light which is not produced by heat; a soft light. 

I’m very excited to see what you guys come up with! Eve did a very cool interpretation of this prompt that seemed nice and chill and calming, while I’ve chosen to go on a slightly softer instrumental route. 🙂 I’ve rather lately become obsessed with artists like Lullatone and Louie Zong, and my mind immediately jumped to Lullatone’s “Falling Asleep With A Book On Your Chest” for this prompt.


listen on spotify

a photograph from the day you were born | lullatone

inside river, pt. 2 | akira kosemura

corner of memories | dom mino’

falling asleep with a book on your chest | lullatone

hicari | akira kosemura

an older couple holding hands | lullatone

drops | [que.]

color | paniyolo

mirror flake | cokiyu

what do you think of the new feature? we both hope you enjoy it, and we’re very excited to listen to some luminescent playlists. 🙂


9 thoughts on “Monthly Mixtape #1 | luminescence

      1. I just finished the playlist and I loved it! I’m DEFINITELY going to be remembering some of these songs for later & returning to it for chill. I recognised one of the Lullatone songs from somewhere and that was a wonderful surprise. (Though I don’t know where! It shall remain a mystery…)

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