A Bunch of Recent Ramblings | life life life! and other stuff

Hello, bloglings! How is everybody? I hope your September has started off in a lovely way!

It’s been ages, I know. I’ve posted, what, 14 (?) times in the past year. I know my posts generally decline a LOT during the school year, but I am determined. I’m going to make it work this year, because I love you all and this blog and want to get stuff done! (Side note: I did a theme revamp! I must say I think it looks pretty snazzy.)


I’ve discovered bunches of new music recently! An overview:

“soldier poet king” by the oh hellos | “another night on mars” by the maine | “wherever is your heart” by brandi carlile | “this too shall pass” by ok go | “mercury” by sufjan stevens, bryce dessner, nico muhly, and james mcalister

I made a playlist for studying on spotify that’s basically just a bunch of film scores that are really nice! It’s very lovely to listen to. I’ve also been eating up everything doddleoddle (aka Dodie Clark, aka dodie) sings because she is amazing and so so talented! Her second EP is coming out in a WEEK and I am so excited.

I’ve been listening to the podcast The Adventure Zone– created by the McElroy brothers, if you know of their comedy podcast My Brother, My Brother, and Me– which is the brothers + their dad playing Dungeons & Dragons! None of them have ever played the game before (I knew nothing about it when I started, either) so it makes for an incredibly funny podcast. I’m nearly caught up (episode 60!) and oof. It sure is some good storytelling! (There’s also some fantastic music that Griffin makes for the show- my favorites are from the Eleventh Hour arc!)


My dad and I got the rest of my family into Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency earlier this year, which is a hilariously marvelous show on BBC America (it’s now on bbcamerica.com, Hulu, and Netflix if you’re out of the US!) about a holistic detective, kitten sharks, murder sprees, and also a cult. However, you will never laugh harder when someone dies, because the show is so bizarre and good. We’ve also been watching a lot of Foyle’s War on Netflix for our obligatory murder mystery show. 🙂


I haven’t read a lot, lately… I’m somewhere around 50 books behind schedule for my Goodreads challenge. But! I read Station Eleven by Emily St. John-Mandel for a summer assignment and ADORED it. It was marvelous and so, so beautiful. I’ve also read The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue and The Upside of Unrequited, which, if you haven’t yet read, you need to be doing so immediately. They’re both marvelous (and coming here soon in the form of mini-reviews)! I have even more books I need to read on my shelves…oops.


haha, what’s that?


Summer was hot, as it always is in the South. Too many mosquitoes! School has started up again, which feels crazy- it’s still too summer-y for school! I’m a sophomore now, which is weird. Still a baby in the grand scheme of things, but it’s nice no longer being at the bottom of the high school food chain. I’m also taking a couple more AP classes this year, which I’m pumped about! It is nice to be back to seeing my friends, though, and I hope this will be a good year!

I hope you’ve had/are having a good summer! how’s life been? what are you reading or watching? any music recs? have an awesome day!


10 thoughts on “A Bunch of Recent Ramblings | life life life! and other stuff

  1. EVIIIII YOU’RE BACK!! Your first paragraph omg. It’s almost September again 😂
    I love your new theme! It looks so fancy and I love the purple. I’ve heard good things about Dirk Gently, I must watch that soon *nods*. I really want to read The Gentleman’s Guide. It sounds so good but alas I have put myself on a book buying ban rip. Good luck with school! ❤

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    1. I AM BACK!! Yeah, I can’t believe I started that post LAST YEAR. AHHHH.
      Thank you so much!! It is very good, I would definitely recommend it. Oh no!! Well, whenever you can read it you will LOVE it. Thank you!!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Uhh. A podcast about D&D? Yes please. I’ve always been interested in playing but have no idea how to and also have no friends to play with, haha. Good luck in school, I’m moving into college (!!!) in less than two weeks so I will be at the bottom of the food chain there, which is def scary. Thanks for the cool recommendations, I live for when you tell me to watch/listen to stuff! 😛

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  3. OMG HOW ARE YOU SO FAR THROUGH TAZ ALREADY haha I’ve been listening to it for like a year now and I’ve only just started the Eleventh Hour arc *sweats* But I LOVE THE MCELROYS A LOT AAAAAH. Ooh I read Station Eleven a while ago but I remember enjoying it! Also I super need to read both those other books! DODIE AAH I AGREE. I hope school is going well for you; I’m not going back for two weeks but, yikes, exam year for me.


    1. Oh my goodness I can’t believe I’ve passed you!! It’s due to a combination of no life and a summer where that was literally all I did. You will LOVE the Eleventh Hour, though!! It’s fantastic. THEY’RE SUCH GOOD PEOPLE!! Good luck this year with school!! Enjoy your last two weeks of break, though. 😀

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  4. It’s so wonderful to hear you’ve had a good year so far, Evi! (Though, I completely empathise with the rather terrifying feeling of the months flying by far too quickly — how on earth is it September already?!). I too adore the Oh Hellos’ work, & I’ve heard so many wonderful things about Station Eleven that I think I really must pick it up ASAP. I hope your sophomore year is going beautifully so far, dear friend! All my love. xx

    Topaz (Six Impossible Things)


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