Sherlock S4E1 Review: “The Six Thatchers” | lots of flailing and probably too many gifs

Hello bloglings! So, as many of you are all probably aware, BBC’s Sherlock returned yesterday in a quite… interesting start to Season 4. Let’s chat, shall we?

Warning! Spoilers ahead! Major, major spoilers and lots of speculation for future episodes!


So… that episode was intense! WOW. I’ve got to say, first off, that it was an incredible episode and return to the show. I was kind of nervous with how they would return and if it would feel like they were trying too hard, which was kind of the feel I got with “The Abominable Bride” (as cool as that episode was). But it wasn’t! The show is definitely still problematic (*cough*glorifieddruguse*cough*), but this was an amazing return and it felt like they slipped right back into the rhythm.


Domestic John and Mary was super cute as well! Baby Rosie is so adorable, and I loved Sherlock’s little speech to her about throwing the toy. And John and Lestrade’s joke about Sherlock being a baby himself and Sherlock having no idea what they were talking about had me cackling. Another thing I really enjoyed about this episode was the balance between the Watson family/normal action-y case stuff, and the way it all intertwined in the end. THAT WAS SUPER COOL (and sad. BUT MOSTLY COOL).


And I guess that it’s now time to talk about that MASSIVE TWIST?! I cannot believe they killed off Mary, wow. The repetition of Sherlock talking about how he has to protect them with the vow only to have it blow up in his face was a cruel plot device and I feel like I should’ve seen it coming. AGH. Seeing Sherlock also realizing the more extreme consequences of being too arrogant and asking Ms. Hudson to help him was both precious but also really really sad? THIS SHOW IS CRUEL. I AM HURT.


So at the end, I guess, we’re left with this: John isn’t speaking to Sherlock, Sherlock is also upset over everything, Moriarty may or may not be planning a thing (????), and the mysterious third Holmes brother might show up (potentially played by Tom Hiddleston, apparently). There will also probably be More Pain™ because this is Mofftis we’re talking about. I’m really excited to see how the whole Sherlock & Mycroft & Sherrinford thing plays out- apparently one of the major theories is that one of them is going to die and that’s what the “I love you” in the trailer is for, which would be very yikes but we’ll see, I suppose!

Are you a Sherlock fan? What are your thoughts on the upcoming season? Are you still in COMPLETE and UTTER denial?? What are your thoughts on me doing a review for each episode? Rant all below!


16 thoughts on “Sherlock S4E1 Review: “The Six Thatchers” | lots of flailing and probably too many gifs

    1. yes I know!! I forgot to mention John’s affair thing, mostly because it was SO STUPID. ugh John you’re better than that. Mary was the best, I’m so sad she’s gone!!


  1. I was so frustrated with this episode. *growls* I mean, they don’t put a lot of effort into their female characters (imo) so getting rid of one of the few good ones they have was disappointing for me. I feel like they did it because it would be shocking (although I totally saw it coming), and maybe to open up canonical Johnlock? I have nothing against Johnlock but there’s such a thing as divorce, like, in the real world? WHICH WOULD BE BETTER BECAUSE MARY WAS LIKE ONE OF THE ONLY PEOPLE WHO SHERLOCK REALLY CONSIDERED AN EQUAL AND THUS ADMIRED. So then they could stay friends, and everyone would be happy. *grumbles* Yeah, I was not so pleased… haha.

    (And sorry. I have many feelings still and it is nice to have a spoilery zone to talk.)

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    1. yo they killed mary off because amanda abbington and martin freeman had a really messy divorce and beryl, martin and mark thought it would be better to kill her off as a plot twist then have her stay and potentially mess up the atmosphere of the cast!

      also, its canon that she dies in the books so i guess its not /that/ left field of them to do it in the tv show? i do think that they dealt with it really nicely though, and i love that beautiful parallel between mary shooting sherlock in season 3 and mary taking the bullet for him in season 4!

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      1. Although that does make sense, nobody’s apparently said that and the official stuff is that they Martin and Amanda are still great friends, it was an upsetting but clean split, and Moffat and Gattiss said that they killed her off bc she does canonically die- so her dying at some point was obvious- and they figured they could still make it shocking if it was in ep. 1. I mean, you could be right, but it seems that no one’s said much about that and speculation is odd. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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    2. The official reason they got rid of Mary so early, according to interviews with Moffat, is because she canonically dies in the books (I’m not sure how though??) and they figured that fans probably thought somewhere that she would die so their “obvious” course of action was to make it happen suddenly so it’s still surprising. BUT YES I AM SO SAD AS WELL. I loved her and Sherlock’s friendship, it was so sweet, and then, y’know, they did that. I have no clue if they’re gonna make Johnlock endgame- I mean, I wouldn’t care at all, but Moffat seems to be kinda problematic in terms of queerbaiting so I’m a bit nervous.
      (No problem!! That was exactly my intent, haha, and yes so many feels!)


  2. I really want more Sherlock taking care of Rosie!!! ❤ I already have a headcanon of Sherlock teaching Rosie about all his deductive skills and being internally proud of her but never showing it. I thought the rattle scene was so adorable. I was honestly kind of annoyed at Mary being killed off because it basically for Sherlock's and John's manpain but I suppose ultimately, everyone is just a pawn in Sherlock's story. It's still conflicting to me lol.

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    1. Yes, they were so cute!! THAT WOULD BE SO ADORABLE. it better become canon. That’s true- I hope it’ll become more clear that they didn’t just get rid of her for a cheap plot device and it’s actually well-worked out.

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  3. Aah, I’m really glad you enjoyed this! For me I sorta feel that that whilst I loved Sherlock when I first watched it, my relationship with the show has just kind of changed since then and I’m not sure I can experience it in quite the same way. I’m probably still going to watch the next episodes, though, to see what they’re like, and they might surprise me. *shrugs*

    ALSO the Margaret Thatcher bust thing??? I am not sure they realise QUITE how much people REALLY REALLY HATE Margaret Thatcher. Spite seemed the most obvious thing to me haha (@ my really petty relatives lol)

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    1. Hm, I hope you somewhat enjoy them, at least! The show’s taken quite a few turns, so it’s understandable.
      Omg, that’s funny!! I know next to nothing about Margaret Thatcher so that’s interesting to know hahaha!

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