The ULTIMATE Feel-Happy Book Binge-Read List

‘Ello, darlings, and may I present to you: The Ultimate Feel-Happy Book Binge-Read List! It’s perfect for rainy days, for sad days, for chilly winter days, for days when you’re feeling to dreadfully lazy to read any more intense, dark books. It’s full of cute books and happy books and books that are so insanely fluffy that you may just squeal. And best of all, they’re totally binge-worthy. Like Netflix…but not as brain-rotting. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Part 1: SERIES!

Series are obviously the best part of this, as they are the MOST binge-worthy. And just saying, some of these series might keep you going for a week.

The Red Blazer Girls series by Michael D. Beil: This is one of my personal favorite happy series. It’s like Nancy Drew or the Hardy Boys, but set in modern New York City with four private-school girls as the main characters. It’s sassy, funny, and features some of the best friendships!

Number of books: 4

The Mother-Daughter Book Club series by Heather Vogel Frederick: Okay, who has never heard of this series? Because you honestly should have. It’s a lovely series about things we bookish people love the most: books and family! Plus, all of the narrators are epically relatable. Plus, the newest book, The Mother-Daughter Book Camp came out pretty recently.

Number of books: 7

Canterwood Crest series by Jessica Burkhart: This series is exactly one of those “guilty pleasure” reads. It’s basically drama in the form of nearly 20 books (yup, that many). It’s about an elite boarding school for horse-y people…and is so, so bad, but ridiculously entertaining.

Number of books: at least 18 (I’m not honestly sure anymore…)


Alice series by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor: This is potentially one of my favorite series in the whole wide world! I picked up I Like Him, He Likes Her (Alice books 13-15, which is where I recommend you start) on a whim at Barnes & Noble one day- mostly because of the absolutely lovely cover. But this series is so, so realistic and funny, and features the best characters. (This is the series that will last you probably multiple weeks.)

Number of books: 25 if you start from the very beginning, The Agony of Alice, and 12 if you start with Alice Alone (#13, which is where I did).

The Daughters series by Joanna Philbin: This is like probably every YA chick flick-read (do we call them that? IDK) with a twist…the three main characters are all daughters of famous celebrities, which is actually a pretty unique spin on the classic “high-school-growing-up-friendship-problems-crushes” of YA contemporaries.

Number of books: 4, currently, unsure if more are coming.

Roald Dahl’s booksC’mon, who doesn’t love a good old Matilda or The BFG reread? All of Dahl’s books are so cute and funny and silly that there isn’t even a point in trying to understand any “deeper meaning”.

Number of books: GR is telling me 30, but it’s probably around 15 as it counts other language and combined editions.

Part 2: COMICS!


Tintin series by Hergé: Tintin is one of my favorite comics ever- it’s a boy detective (Tintin) and his dog, Snowy, as they travel the globe and solve crimes! It’s quite a cute and funny series, although, at times, it can be very insensitive to cultures because of the time period that it was written. (That’s not an excuse, of course, but something to be considered.)

Number of books: 24

Raina Telgemier’s booksAll of Ms. Telgemier’s comics and cartoons are just really awesome! They’re funny and poignant and perfect at just the right moments, and display the teen life really well- in fact, two of her books ( Sisters and Smile) are about her own life! She’s also illustrated some of Ann M. Martin’s Baby-Sitters Club books.

Number of books: 7

Lumberjanes series by Noelle Stevenson, Grace Ellis, Brooke A. Allen, and Maarta Laiho: IF YOU HAVEN’T READ ANY OF NOELLE STEVENSON’S WORKS YOU MUST READ THEM BECAUSE THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL. Lumberjanes is especially so- it’s about hardcore lady types! And it’s full of diversity and feminism and friendship (TO THE MAX). Basically, read it now.

Number of books: 23 (These are the standalone comics, but they do come in volumes (they’ve currently released up to five!)



Mandy by Julie Andrews Edwards: You may know her as Julie Andrews, or Mary Poppins, or Maria from The Sound of Music, but whatever her name, she’s written an awfully lovely little story. Mandy is about an orphan who discovers a little cottage that she tries to call her own. Shenanigans ensue, mostly thunderstorms, and she finds a lovely family too!

Thimble Summer by Elizabeth Enright: Okay, this book is extremely middle-grade fiction. BUT IT’S SO CUTE. There’s a pig and thimbles and just awesome sweet characters. It’s just an immensely sweet story!

Everything Leads To You by Nina LaCour: Everything Leads To You is essentially The Ultimate F/F Romantic Fluff Book™. IT’S SO CUTE. Emi is a film set designer (!!!!!!!! aka the coolest job ever) and she meets Ava and she’s got an awesome best friend and a cool brother and it’s so great! There is plot, with a bit of a mystery, but it’s also a lot of just good old tooth rottin’ cotton candy fluff. 😀


Do you have any fluffy book recommendations? How’s your week been going? (Happy December, by the way!) Tell all below!


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10 thoughts on “The ULTIMATE Feel-Happy Book Binge-Read List

  1. OH MAN I HAVEN’T READ LOADS OF THESE. *adds to mental TBR list* I barely ever hear about The Mother-Daughter Book Club and don’t really know what it’s about…? But, like, it sounds AWESOME. And yes to Roald Dahl and Lumberjanes. I suuuper need to read Everything Leads to You, aah!

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  2. Oh – I so adore this list, dear Evi! Seconded all the way on Roald Dahl books; Matilda is my go-to on sad days, followed closely by Danny the Champion of the World. Such lovely, feel-good stories. Also, in case you are looking for more soft happy recommendations – I have infinite love for all of Rainbow Rowell’s books, especially Fangirl, as well as Emery Lord’s Open Road Summer. They are bright & delightful & perfect for binge-reading. Thank you so much for sharing, friend. ❤

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