Dodie’s Intertwined EP | album review

Hello hello! Happy December! TIME TO BREAK OUT THE EGGNOG AND CHRISTMAS MUSIC AND SANTA HATS, Y’ALL. I am so ready for Christmas (and it’s started snowing on my blog!! yay!) *throws candy canes at blogosphere*

ANYHOW. Dodie Clark, aka doddleoddle, released an EP a couple of weeks ago!! I automatically listened to practically all of it on the bus, and WOW it’s so good. So I thought I’d discuss each song and scream about the album’s amazingness! 🙂

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AHHHH I LOVE. This used to be one that I heard on her channel, first, and was just like “eh”, but eeek I love it so much now. It’s just so slow and soft and lovely!

“Oh you
And I
Safe from the world
Though the world will try…”

“I Have A Hole in My Tooth (And My Dentists Are Shut)”

THIS IS THE CUTEST SONG ON THE PLANET. I have it stuck in my head forever, now, but it’s just so adorable and silly and fun. We need more adorable and silly and fun songs!

“I have a hole in my tooth and my dentist is shut
Maybe this is a sign that I’m all out of luck
Not that I had much of that in my life before…”

“Absolutely Smitten”

IT’S THE OUTRO SONG! OMG! I like how this song feels partly sweet and partly wistful- it’s the song I didn’t know before this, save from the ending bits of her videos, but it’s so nice! It’s so cute, ahhhh.

“And it’s too late
She believes in fate
She’s absolutely smitten…

“Life Lesson”

I like the random sprinkling of the two short songs in the EP! This one segues* really well into “Sick of Losing Soulmates” and “When”, I think, with the transition from cutesy to more solemn/sad.

“When I’m 80 years old and alone in my chair
Will I look back at safety and be glad I didn’t care?”

*a note: I’d only ever heard the word “segues” before and so I thought it was spelled “segways” and no. apparently it’s segues. I feel silly.

“Sick of Losing Soulmates”

WOW. I think this is my favorite, honestly, but I really love to see how it changed from the original version. (I mean, they all did, but this one is so nice.) It’s a sad song, but it’s so darn catchy.

“We will grow old as friends, I’ve promised that before
So what’s one more?
In our grey-haired circle, waiting for the end…”

“When – Live”

THIS ONE IS SO SAD BUT IT’S SO GOOD. AHHHHH. The orchestra fits so well with it- my favorite part about this album is that it’s still very heavily vocal-centric, like her videos- there is other instruments, but it’s still very very acoustic, which is so great.

“Sure, I’ll live in the moment,
but I’m never happy here
I’m surrounded by greener looking time.”

In total, really, I love this EP SO DANG MUCH. It’s so soft and sweet and lovely and ahhhhhh. I could listen to these songs on repeat for eternity and probably be okay.


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Do you listen to Dodie? Have you loved Intertwined as much as me? ARE YOU SO EXCITED FOR CHRISTMAS? (I’ve gotta go listen to all of her Christmas songs now!) Tell all belooooow!



8 thoughts on “Dodie’s Intertwined EP | album review

  1. YASSSS INTERTWINED! Just so wonderful and excellent and cute and aaaah *flails* Same, I really like the shorter songs in between — it was super cool… I love Sick of Losing Soulmates too. I am basically currently dying because AAAH I RECOGNISE WHERE THEY FILMED THE MUSIC VIDEO #CLAIMTOFAME. Dodie is just so wonderful asdfjgsj;padpwl *leaves before I say more embarrassing stuff*

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