Eight Reasons Why You Should Watch The Crown

Hello hello everyone! What’s this word called consistency you speak of? I’VE NO IDEA. School started up and has been kicking me about, which is honestly ironic because this is probably my easiest semester. Yikes.

Anyhow, my family started to watch The Crown, a Netflix original that came out recently about Queen Elizabeth II! And ohmygoodness, it is SO GOOD.  (It’s nice to think about another country then your own after the election. Eek. I’m glad I’ll be able to vote by the time of the next election.) We’re only on episode 7- no spoilers!- but AHH. So here’s some reasons why you should definitely go watch it and scream a lot.

the crown graphic.png

1. Period drama!

I mean this bit’s rather obvious, considering it’s about Queen Elizabeth, but ahhh I love all the clothes and the time period and how real it all looks and feels! It also (obviously) has a heavy focus on events at the time Elizabeth became Queen- which, as an American, I knew nothing about- like Churchill’s health issues and the Great Fog. Most of the things are smaller events, too, so I think it’s really interesting that they chose to do that instead of make the season have one, over-arching plotline that each episode relied upon. But I’m rambling.

2. It’s amazingly written.

Honestly! It’s! So! Awesome! You can really see how they made everything fit together and did it all so subtly- it’s just ALHKSDKHFSL. Writer-me is very geeky about this part. And the dialogue and everything that happens is just so, so perfectly put and schematized. Each episode focuses on one specific event, which makes a lot of sense, but the way they both make sure the event isn’t too dramatized but still make everything in the episode relate to it, even minutely, is honestly so cool.


3. Claire Foy! Matt Smith!

These two are absolutely amazing. I hadn’t heard of Claire Foy before this but she makes such a great Queen Elizabeth! Seeing Matt Smith as someone other than the Doctor was very weird at first, but YAY FOR HIM BEING IN ANOTHER SHOW. And he looks a lot like real-life Prince Philip did, which is weird but cool.


4. The music!!

Hans Zimmer does the title theme- which we’ll get to in a moment- and Rupert Gregson-Williams does the rest of it! AND IT’S SO PRETTY. ALL OF IT IS SO PRETTY. AHHHHHH.

(that song is one of my favorites!)


These are honestly some of the prettiest opening credits I’ve ever seen. Pair it with Hans Zimmer’s title theme and WOW YOU’VE MADE ME HAPPY. It’s supposed to be a kind-of making of the actual crown, I guess (??) but with metal weaving together and stuff and IT’S JUST SO PLEASING.

6. The Queen is epic.

In one episode, Churchill and his aid-person do some shady stuff and basically the Queen gives them a very motherly “y’all messed up and even though you’re both way older than me I will treat you like children bc you deserve it” lecture. It was hilarious and slightly intimidating because my own mother could have done that same thing very well.

I mean, I don’t actually know what the Queen is like in real life. But I’d like to imagine she’s like that.

#slay | source

7. Everything is visually amazing!

The show wasn’t actually filmed at Buckingham Palace, of course, but the way they recreate and make the sets is so cool! Everything’s so fancy, omg. Just in general, everywhere they filmed and the way things look feels like one big tumblr aesthetic post 🙂

8. If you know nothing about the British Royalty, it does teach you a lot.

I mean, it’s not educational, per se, but you do begin to understand exactly why things are so complicated and how much tradition really plays into everything- originally, Queen Elizabeth wanted her children to take the last name of Mountbatten (Philip’s last name) but ended up being forced to use Windsor for them as well. (Although she did end up quietly changing it later to Mountbatten-Windsor!)



Have you seen The Crown? Are you enjoying it as much as me? (Although I’m a bit scandalized over seeing Matt Smith’s bare bottom four more times then I needed too, which was not at all 😛 ) And to all my fellow Americans, Happy Thanksgiving Break!



12 thoughts on “Eight Reasons Why You Should Watch The Crown

  1. AAH I READ THIS AND FORGOT TO COMMENT, DAMMIT. NaNo and schoolwork have been invading my life. But I super want to watch this because !!! it looks awesome !!! and Matt Smith. And also I am sold on all of these reasons. Those opening credits are extremely wonderful and aesthetic… (Plus, is that clarinet I hear? I’m always a fan of clarinets ahaha, of course.)

    ANYWAY. Hopefully I’ll be able to catch up on programmes that I really want to watch like this over Christmas, eep!

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