The Pros and Cons of Tumblr

Hello there internet! In all recent randomness, I have made a tumblr! Yay! Although I was at first a bit daunted by how to make themes and how to get themes and how exactly do you make pages, anyhow, it has quit being so complicated and I do think I finally understand it. (go follow me, maybe? *nudgenudge*) So today I thought I’d share with you some pros and cons of this weird, wacky website (as there are quite a lot).

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  • to start: there are so many people that use it! Tumblr is great for connecting with artists, book nerds, fandom nerds, and really anybody ever! It has about 280.4 million blogs- which is a lot of people to connect with and find similar interests with.
  • it’s a really great combination of social media. easy photo sharing? check! easy text posts? check! sharing things you want/enjoy? check! It’s like Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and blogging all shoved together.
  • bouncing off of all of the above, it’s great for finding things you enjoy! Because it’s such an interesting site and has sooo many people on it, you can find pretty sky pictures. You can find amazing artists. You can find dinosaurs, and space, and funny, laugh-out-loud posts.
  • once you figure it out…it’s really easy to navigate. (note the “once you figure it out” part.) Tumblr’s pretty simple after you make your blog, and it’s easy to reblog/like/comment/send asks/message people.


  • because it is such a large site with so many active users- there’s not always good stuff on there. Tumblr is a bit infamous for all the people who use it for inappropriate stuff- but the nice thing is that it’s not something you easily find (tumblr hides certain tags) and there’s also applications you can download to block certain tags you personally don’t want to see, inappropriate or not.
  • it’s a bit confusing the first time you use it. By this, I mean setting up a theme, and your blog, and making pages, and figuring out how the darn thing even works. I was pretty confused on the themes and how the heck I linked things, but once you do get the hang of it, the hardest part is over.
  • mobile is kind of lame. Although the mobile app usually works *decently* for me, it’s another thing that’s notorious for being unusually slow, failing to load, and also, apparently, crashing. (it is also a major data drainer.)


do you have a tumblr? what do you think of this oddball site? any random internet explorations lately? TELL ALL BELOW.


9 thoughts on “The Pros and Cons of Tumblr

  1. tbh i used to love tumblr so much like a few years ago i was a pretty big acc in the emo part of tumblr (i have a post w 125k notes and its my only claim to fame) but i havent used my account in like two years! There are so many easy tutorials and after two years of using different themes and adding in features you get pretty good at coding too, which is cool

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  2. As a dedicated fangirl, I love tumblr and all its fandoms and endless amount of fandom gifs and photosets. But tumblr people are sooo judgmental even when they claim not to be and liberal to a fault without considering other opinions…(I think you find this out as you use tumblr though, it’s not apparent as a beginning user)

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  3. AYYY TUMBLR. Although it does have many downsides — like, there’s a lot of toxic agruments/discourse/whatever happening on there, I prefer it to any other social media site I’ve used. I feel like it’s kind of the…’alternative’ social media option haha. But the staff are basically useless and keep adding things everyone hates. (I am still bitter about the dramatic change in post/reblog appearance. Those lines were basically the characteristics of Tumblr.) And asks get eaten a lot, which sucks.
    BUUT overall I do think it’s fab! And yay it’s awesome to see you on there too. 🙂

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    1. (There’s soooo much discourse, ahhh.) I do love it a lot! That’s true- do they even know what the people want? Isn’t that their job? the staff is weird. (tHEY WERE, it’s a tragedy) 😦 yay! I love having one!

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  4. Lovely post, dear Evi! I have been on Tumblr for… about three years now, I think? While there are definitely some downsides, I have found that it is a lovely place to go for inspiration through gorgeous poetry & graphics & photographs, as well as to understand what is happening in the social justice sphere of the world. Both are things I have little access to outside of Tumblr, and so I tend to use it as my main source of inspiration + social justice information. A lovely little website, I think, and how wonderful that you too have chosen to join! Welcome, my dove. ❤

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  5. I tend not to use tumblr very much just because I’ve never really got into it. I’m not great at social media in general because it seems to require so much time to do it properly, I’m that person who’s standing on the timeline yelling ‘Look at my writing on wordpress! Please, I beg you!’ and reposting the odd thing here and there because.

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    1. It does require so much time!! I sort of have a bookstagram but it’s mostly unused because ack, so much work goes into editing and taking photos and stuff. Thank you for commenting!


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