Finding Your People + More Random Stuff From School | per usual, I ramble

Hello hello hello! I am here, today, to bring you more random flailings, most notably about friendship, the weirdness of high schools, and other random stuff that has happened in the (nearly) two weeks since I have begun freshman year. There’s a lot.


I know that public school, most specifically high school, is notoriously weird as all get out. For someone reason I, mentally, did not realize how exactly super weird people can be. In example, somebody in front of me in the hallways just randomly bent over and started inspecting another kid’s ankle? Also today somebody had a ukulele for whatever reason and started playing it as we were walking down a super crowded hallway (which, to be honest, is most of them). At least that was enjoyable.

I have also heard somebody completely unironically say that she was born in the wrong generation while talking about Aerosmith, and a girl on the bus yelled “I WANT THE WHOLE FISH” really loudly. I do not know the context.

However, magnet school has been amazing so far! My bio teacher is hilarious and super cool and she has a guinea pig named “Pig”. In Lit we read Blink by Malcolm Gladwell, and we’ve been talking about unconscious and conscious judgement and appearance and racism and sexism and then also relating it to the Stanford case, the recent police shootings, and other current events. It’s not necessarily fun stuff to talk about, but it’s really nice to be able to discuss that stuff. We’ve also been doing lots of free writing! Sort of? And I also have magnet art this semester, which is aMAZING, my teacher is great and we get to draw stuff like judgmental pelicans. Math is math, meaning it is nice but also…math.

One of the things I was most worried about for starting at a school where I know two people exactly was making new friends. I’m not completely awful in social situations, but I also flounder a lot when surrounded by new people. If someone engages me in conversation, I’ll definitely try to keep talking to them, but I’m not the greatest at starting conversations myself. There’s also that I wanted to find my people- despite the fact that I am at a magnet school with lots of smart people, the nerdy people were still a bit hard to find. (Maybe because we’re all kinda socially awkward. Who knows.) So I had made a few new friends, and they are all nice and definitely people I want to be friends with, but they’re not my people, y’know? We all have that group of friends that we connect with the best and whom have similar interests (sometimes) and ideals and values (not necessarily in a religious way, but more like we believe similar things?). And it’s the best! Because you connect! I think everybody should have their own people that are the best for them and to them and that you should always try to find them. And today I did find another nerdy person whom is very cool, and it’s nice to find them, and also I made a friend, which was a great accomplishment. I hope you all find your people.

Has school started yet for you? Are you completely done with it forever? What do you think about finding your people? Do you have weird stories to share? Tell all.


9 thoughts on “Finding Your People + More Random Stuff From School | per usual, I ramble

  1. I’m not starting school yet, I’ve got about 3 more weeks until high school starts (I’m going into my senior year!) and then nearly a month until my actual academic classes start at the community college (I’m in a program where the high school pays for a full time college load at the community college, so 3 classes). This might sound cheesy and you’ve probably heard it before but to find your squad, join clubs or sports of similar interests! Literally my entire squad is all band kids.


  2. I’m not starting school until September, but it sounds like your classes are pretty great so far! I haven’t started a new school where I don’t know the majority of people since I was about 7 so…idk, I can’t really remember what that was like? But I have made different friends what with all the new classes last year. *nods* I’ve never really had that thing I read about where people have complete utter best friends — and I feel like sometimes I’m kinda alone in my interests? — but my group of people is totally awesome.
    (WOW THIS GOT REALLY DEEP. But yeah I hope school is good for you & that you meet some cool new people!)

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    1. Ahhh good luck! And I don’t necessarily think that it is *always* a group of people whom you’re best friends with (although that would be super cool), moreso a group of people that is super awesome and you connect with well. 😀
      (DEEP COMMENTS ARE THE BEST. ❤ I hope the same to you!)


  3. Sounds like you’re having a good time so far! I love all the weird stories haha. It’s great that you can talk about all those important issues with your teacher *nods* I’m glad to hear your making friends! I still have three weeks left and I’ll be in a completely new class again EEK.

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  4. The British school system is weird so the first year of high school is year 7, when youre 11, and the finishing year is year eleven, when youre 15/16. I’m going into year eleven in three weeks, which i think is the equivalent to a US sophomore! This is my fifth year of high school, and whilst everyone always says to find your ‘squad’, personally I think its more important to find different people to hang out with not necessarily in the same group as you! The people I was best friends with in year 7 I no longer talk to, and most of the people i was best friends with even in year 8/9 Im not that close with anymore save for one. My advice is to focus more on making friends with whoever than focus on assembling one group all with similar interests! Good luck n Im sure youll do great!!

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    1. That sounds like it! I personally think finding a group of people who think similarly to you is important, but yeah, it doesn’t always have to be the same interests, necessarily. Everybody likes different stuff! Thank you very much & good luck as well!


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