DIY Origami Lucky Stars Chain | a crafty tutorial!

Hi hi hi! I had the idea for making this yesterday, and instantly got about to doing it! I also remembered to take some photos so I could share the idea with y’all- and oh my goodness, a chain of origami stars is really cute, ahhh! Hope you enjoy!


-origami paper


-white/any other color thread (or something like it)

-a needle


To start, you need to make a LOT of lucky stars! (you can find a tutorial here.) The exact number varies on how long you want your chain to be, and it really doesn’t matter as you just need a lot! (Plus, if you have some left over, they look really cute in photos and also in jars.)

I made mine with regular origami paper (a 6″ by 6″ sheet, though larger is probably better for the puffing part) and cut it into strips half an inch wide. It doesn’t matter if they don’t puff up perfectly, a bunch of mine were a bit wonky and were really only super puffy on one side. No one will notice! I would also recommend that if you’re using regular origami paper, like me, use some tougher kinds? Not too tough- not as thick as construction paper- but just a teeny bit thicker than regular origami paper. I found that they puffed up better than the thinner ones. Also, foil origami paper is super lame and I wouldn’t recommend using it, because although I have a few in the picture below, the rest were bogus. It creases and then doesn’t puff up at all, and then you just end up with a blobby mess of colored foil in your hands. DON’T CREASE THINGS, KIDS.


Thread your needle (make sure the tail is long enough) and start poking the little tips of the stars through to string the stars onto the thread! You can cut the thread based on however long you want it to be, but I waited until I got my stars on before guesstimating how long I wanted it.


Keep stringing them on, rearranging as you go, till it’s the amount and length you want! You don’t need to worry about them sliding around- if you use just plain old regular embroidery thread, which is what I had, they don’t slide around. However, they might if you’re using something thinner. Once you’re done, cut it off and hang them up wherever you’d like!

Another reason why you shouldn’t use anything thicker than construction paper: I was trying to thread one and my needle got a bit stuck and as I was trying to wiggle it free from the star it snapped in half! Yikes.


I hung mine up over my desk, and you can only sorta see them because it is very cluttered, but they look very cute and adorable and they just add a little bit of color! I think I’ll probably end up making more for my bookshelf and other spots in my room. (gosh, I’ve overused exclamation points in this post…)


6 thoughts on “DIY Origami Lucky Stars Chain | a crafty tutorial!

  1. Aah this is such a lovely idea! I’m just going to cry and mourn the fact that my room is not nearly as aesthetic as these photos ahaha. But I haven’t done any origami in a while, and I have the whole of this week to fill so I SHALL UPDATE YOU on my origami-star-making status! 🙂

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    1. Thank you! my room, in truth, is delightfully un-aesthetic- it is extremely beige and very cluttered. My desk is nice and lovely though SO THANK YOU! Yay, have fun! ❤

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