A Check-Up On My 2016 Goals | in which I’ve completed absolutely nothing *maniacal laughter*

HELLO HELLO HELLO! Do you know what I do every single year? I make a set of goals, with the idea to actually look at them throughout the year and see how I’m doing! And do you know what I also do every year? I COMPLETELY FORGET I MADE THEM. I’ll be looking through my old blog posts, stumble upon my 2016 Goals, and go, “……what.” So today I did exactly that and thought that I’d make a (mostly) mid-year recap on my blog/personal goals!


1. Post more consistently.

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I don’t know why I keep putting this down, honestly, because sometimes I need to leave due to life and stuff and we all know by  now that the chances of Evi actually consistently posting is one in a million. 😀

2. Find a design/theme that I love and that I want to stick with.

I actually think I’ve mostly got this one! The Buttons theme I’m using now is very simple and cute and I like my colors and (most importantly) I don’t have to worry about graphics and specific headers/logo/bleh stuff. (I mean, if you do that, that’s awesome, but I have zero patience and time ahhhh.)

3. Do some more artsy post-things!

Well, I haven’t done that yet. I don’t really think The Handwriting Tag counts. BUT, I have been planning on writing a post on the high school art class I took last year and then another one as a tutorial on how to paint galaxy/space-y paintings!

4. POTENTIALLY make 300 followers?

Nope! But honestly I don’t care. I’ve given up on caring about followers because it simply doesn’t bother me anymore how many I have! I have my lovely little bloggy friends and that’s all I need (though, I mean, y’all who are following me are SUPER COOL and I’m so glad you like the blog and I hope I haven’t scared you off yet? THANK YOU AND TONS OF HUGS)

5. Get more active on Goodreads.

I’ve actually done okay with this! I’ve done better with updating my reading progress, and actually putting in the books I’ve read so it goes towards my goal, and all that jazz. And I’ve written a few (tiny) reviews!

6. Take more bookish photos for my bookstagram.

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hehehehehe no.

(I’m trying y’all but it’s slow going)


1. Create more.

I mean, a little? I’ve been making maps (I have to make twelve for school! ahhhh) and that’s kind of fun. Also doodles. And I drew A Thing with my tablet! And painted buttons and these little wooden acorns I have! So I guess I have been a bit more creative.

2. Prioritize.

I’ve been doing a little better with this! I’m still not great at getting down to work and not getting distracted, but I had to take two summer courses and I think I improved a bit. A little. Still got a long way to go though.

3. Be more confident.

I’m still not very good at this. I am an immensely socially awkward duckling and I am terrible at eye contact (I have been practicing but ahhhhh) and having Actual Conversations and just in general being a social person. But today I met with an adult to talk about something I’m doing in my area and it went well and I wasn’t super nervous! So yay!

4. Enjoy, not obsess.

Ahhhh I need to write a post on this! I haven’t been super enthusiastic about anything, really, recently (mostly because nothing’s ON anymore), so yay?

5. Try new things!

I mean….probably not??? The chances are slim. I haven’t really had anything new that I’d like to do recently, though I did get a striped skirt that I still need to wear someday. Also slightly bright royal blue shorts. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

6. Talk to people more.

Doctor Who Nope gif!


7. Experiment with graphic design.

I haven’t really done this? But the thing I talked about with an Actual Adult earlier will allow me to work more in the publishing/graphic design area and I’m also going to be taking a Graphic Design electives class next year so YAY!


IN CONCLUSION: all of my goals are either abandoned/not progressed/barely progressed and I need to remember that I actually write these posts, goshdarnshrimp.

Do you have any 2016 goals? Any that you’ve forgotten or given up? Any that are still going strong? TELL ME ALL.


10 thoughts on “A Check-Up On My 2016 Goals | in which I’ve completed absolutely nothing *maniacal laughter*

  1. I JUST WENT TO LOOK BACK AT MY 2015 RECAP. *cries* I was so small then… I feel like I actually have been doing some okay things this year. Like you, I’ve created a bit more — haha, still not even CLOSE to finishing a novel but I’ve been doing other fun stuff like poetry and cosplay. Also: I’d love to see a space-y painting tutorial! YAY TWO AWESOME THINGS.

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  2. I love #4 of your personal goals. I feel like being super obsessed with TV shows and other things is so toxic but it’s never a flaw that’s articulated because seemingly everyone has an obsession.

    I think it’s so cool that you’ve been actively setting goals and tracking them! It’s fun to look back on, even if you don’t accomplish most of them, which is basically the story of my life :).

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  3. Haha I feel you. At the start of my Summer holidays I made a list of things I want to do and today I was like ‘…wait… That exists’ but oh well lol. I don’t think you did that bad at all! And even if you don’t accomplish all your goals, that’s okay! Don’t overwork yourself and don’t forget to have fun 🙂

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