A Collection of Happy Stuffs | the expanded edition

Hi everybody! So Cynthia, my very awesome bloggy friend, made a list of happy things (that she borrowed from another blogger and now I’m borrowing from her), and she’s expanding it to become the ultimate list of happy things on her blog. SO! I’m posting my list on here, and you, my bloggy friends, please help expand the list! Comment on my post or make your own post or comment on Cynthia’s post so that she can make the ULTIMATE LIST OF HAPPY STUFF FROM AROUND THE BLOGOSPHERE. *nodnod*

Evi’s List of Happy Stuffs (With Now Even More Happy Stuffs)

  • reading
  • writing
  • blogging
  • art-ing weirdly
  • my family
  • my friends, who are very cool and awesome and amazing
  • my awesome internet friends like YOU *pokes nose*
  • lyrical dancing, even though I don’t do it anymore
  • playing the alto saxophone
  • musicals
  • listening to music
  • making weird playlists
  • going on walks
  • playgrounds, because inside I am secretly a four year old
  • California
  • that one weird school with a little baseball field that was down the street from my old house
  • sweet tea
  • accents
  • Southern accents when attached to nice people
  • my house
  • tea
  • chickpea daal when my friend’s mom makes it
  • my godparents
  • my extended family and smol second cousins
  • stickers
  • randomly trying to play stuff on the piano
  • randomly trying to play the guitar, which usually doesn’t work
  • colorful pens
  • the library
  • seeing happy people and cute people and people who look like you could write a story about
  • the Bay Area
  • the hills in San Francisco
  • seeing hills in the horizon because I don’t see that anymore
  • band classes
  • jazzy and big band music
  • birds
  • my seventh grade social studies teacher, who was very cool
  • math, sometimes
  • hot chocolate
  • nicknames
  • taking pictures
  • being sappy
  • hugs
  • hot chocolate
  • nutella
  • hugs
  • cuddles
  • that one twitter account called Bird’s Rights Activist that’s written from the pov of a bird and is super funny
  • well written fanfiction
  • ART
  • buttons and pins
  • cool earrings

expanded beloooooow:

  • watching old movies
  • watching weirdly cool movies
  • cleaning up my room when I actually feel like it
  • getting emails from people! because it seems like no one uses their email anymore
  • Indian food
  • my mom’s cooking
  • hugs
  • peppermint
  • those long cookie straw stick things with chocolate inside?
  • dinosaurs
  • stickers stickers stickers
  • Impressionism art!
  • comics
  • discovering new music!
  • comfy chairs
  • flowers!
  • stars
  • people being kind and lovely and accepting
  • sticky notes
  • my best friends, who ARE AWESOME (thank you lovely Scarlett and L)
  • cool outfits and costumes and historic costumes
  • sunny days
  • the smell of sandalwood and lavender
  • chocolate
  • Of Monsters and Men
  • Iceland
  • The Lumineers
  • Awesome fanartists
  • making jewelry
  • YOU, you awesome person! ❤

Help us add to the list! 😀 What things make you happy? Comment below!


7 thoughts on “A Collection of Happy Stuffs | the expanded edition

  1. I love this list…other things I’d add would be spending time with people I like/love (like my best friends and boyfriend), reading a book that makes you cry, finding a whole album you like, reading a book without knowing what it’s about and liking it, taking a photo that turns out really well (especially a Polaroid) and having really long, deep conversations with people…oh, and of course unexpected gifts of chocolate!

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  2. I agree with so many of these 😀 I love reading posts like these – they make me so happy 🙂 Okay um the smell of fresh bread, books that feel nice to touch, seeing kids playing and having fun, people with manners, pugs, Disney, Harry Potter are just some of the things I’d add 🙂

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