2 YEAR BLOGOVERSARY?! | in which I am very excited

Hi hi y’all! So in the midst of my impromptu hiatus, Adventuring Through Pages turned TWO! Which is slightly insane. It sure doesn’t feel like yesterday, but still. TWO YEARS. Ahhhhhhhhh. *flails*

It’s been an awesome two years. My blog has grown to over 200 followers (I can’t believe that so many of you like my ramblings, I love y’all) and so many views and so many people who comment and like and are REALLY SWEET HUMAN BEINGS! YOU ALL ARE GREAT! ❤

This most definitely will not be my last year of blogging. I’d quite like to keep blogging forever, however the laws of the universe may disagree. It’s so much fun to blog, and to talk to people, and interact and debate and (sometimes) rant together. I’ve made the greatest bloggy friends (you know who you are) and discovered the coolest people and followed the greatest sites and it’s! super! fun!

It’s funny to think that this blog started out as a place for me to semi fully rant about books and stuff, and now it’s nearly fully expanded to sorta-books, sorta-writing, mostly-flailing about stuff. It’s changed, quite a bit. (The number of times I’ve changed the theme being one large example.) I like it like this- sorta-books, sorta-writing, mostly-flailing. It’s nice.

Anyhow, THANK Y’ALL FOR AN AWESOME TWO YEARS. *hugs* You all are GREAT and WONDERFUL and SUPER COOL. Also thank you mom for letting me continue this blog when I created one behind your back back during my first month of blogging. That was nice of you.


10 thoughts on “2 YEAR BLOGOVERSARY?! | in which I am very excited

  1. *throws confetti* HAPPY BLOGOVERSARY MY FRIEND! I get what you mean about changing topics and stuff. A year ago I promised myself that I would focus on books and now I’m just like… books! Poetry! Music! Social justice! Politics! WHO EVEN KNOWS ANYMORE. 😛

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