I’m Going On An Adventure | next year + growing up

Hello, bloglings! It is I, Evi, risen from the grave of unplanned hiatuses. I really didn’t mean to take two months off from blogging. I really didn’t. But life happened, then finals and tests happened, then end of school happened, then a trip happened….

So I kind of disappeared for two months. Ooops.

The nice thing about this is that: school is out for me! (Not recently- a little less than a month ago, but still.) SUMMER VACATION YEAH. The only slightly scary thing is- that was my last year of middle school. As in, I’m going to high school next year. My last four years of public school. (Yeah, most of y’all are way past high school at this point, I know. The amount of bloggers my age in the blogosphere is really small.)

SoulPancake scream screaming ahhhh funny

I’m not really all that scared- just nervous, mostly, and excited. The really cool thing is that I’m going to a magnet school *gulp*. Magnet schools, to those who are homeschooled or in another country (is this a US only thing? honestly I don’t know), is basically a special high school program gifted students take for their last four years. There are different tracks, like STEM (science, technology, engineering, math), performing arts, international tracks, medical tracks, tracks that are like your regular AP classes but with even more oomph, etc. You have to apply to get into these programs, and usually it’s a program inside a regular public high school, but people from everywhere in your district can go to it if they get in.

Does that make sense? I hope that makes sense.

So, for my high school experience, I’m going to be in a class of about 100 in one of those magnet programs. It’s slightly terrifying. The nice thing is I’ll have two of my friends there as well- we all got in, so it’s nice that I’ll know somebody. The weirdest part, to me, is the fact that I won’t have classes or see any of my other friends in school anymore. We all got blown to the winds: I have two friends that are going to another magnet school, one that is going to yet another magnet school, and the rest are split between our public high schools. It’s a bit insane.

I mean, I know we’ll still all see each other, and that we’ll text and stay in touch through the Internet and social media and everything, but it’s still a bit odd that if somebody says something in class, I can’t make a face at them. We won’t sit together at lunch, or work on projects together. It’s weird. 

But that leads to one of the other things I’m excited about- making new friends, and having an entirely new group of people to interact with- not necessarily friends, but people that are in my classes and stuff- for the next four years. It’s boggling, to me, that that can just happen.

So it’ll be an adventure. Not a Hobbit style adventure, with dragons and gold and elves (sadly), but an adventure all the same.


17 thoughts on “I’m Going On An Adventure | next year + growing up

  1. (oh wait I did not know that you were in middle school. I’m going to sophmore year…)
    welcome back to the blogverse! officially! and shush of course it can be a hobbitish adventure. secretly. *strokes ring* my preciousssss


  2. You don’t know what high school might bring, who knows there might be dragons 😉 If there are I’ll be coming over to go on that adventure with you haha. Enjoy your Summer holidays 😀 It’s always a bit scary to start over at a new school, but I’m sure you’ll have fun ❤

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  3. AAAH I’M SO SORRY FOR BASICALLY MISSING YOUR RETURN. I’ve been slightly wallowing in the thorough black hole of current British politics… *sighs*
    Anyway: glad to hear you’re out of school! I’ve still got a couple more weeks alas but it should be finishing soon. Idk exactly at what age you go into high school but I’m entering my last 4 years of school next year? Yeah. It’s not as big of a deal over here but I am starting my GCSEs (1st lot of big exams).
    Magnet schools sound SUPER COOL. We don’t have them here as far as I know, but eek congrats on getting in! It sounds like it’ll be very exciting to meet new people. *nods*

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    1. I saw somewhere like “It’s like the UK and the US are currently having a competition to who can mess up their politics more” and I must say that seems pretty true.
      Yeah, we’re the same then! We don’t have GCSEs, though, and honestly from what I’ve heard from y’all I’m a teeny bit glad. Good luck!
      Thank you! I’m so excited ahhhh!

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      1. AHAHA. Yeah, basically. -_- Aside from the EU, the two major parties are in complete chaos, which is fun.
        Yay! *high fives* GCSEs are not the most fun, I will say. (Especially with the new more exam-y rather than coursework-y version.) But I think I’ll be studying some interesting things too. Thanks! 🙂

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  4. Hufflepuff friend I shall miss you so much in high school ( my science class is going to have practical exams and that feels like Hogwarts ) going to miss you!!!!!

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