298364+ Reasons Why You Should Watch Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries (Like, Right Now)

HELLO, INTERNET. Despite the fact that I was on spring break this previous week…I did about zero productive things.

Actually, scratch that, I made a flower crown. (such hipster much pretty) And saw Zootopia! And watched Thor! And Iron Man! And Captain America! And Ant-Man! And the Avengers! And The Winter Soldier, which was honestly the best and super awesome and I think I am probably Team Cap.

But I haven’t actually blogged much at all? I am obviously a very lazy bean who likes to do nothing but lounge around all day, in a Darth Vader t-shirt, watching Marvel movies. So, y’know, I might as well at least blog about something I’ve been watching! (Not Marvel, sadly. But that shall come.)

Recently (read: 20075 years ago because we are really slow at watching shows), my family discovered Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries when we were really bored one night and needed something to watch on Netflix. I’m not entirely sure how we even discovered it, but goodness gracious, I’m glad we did. (I’ve screamed about it once before- in my odd movies I love post- but I felt the need to scream about it again.)

Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries is based off the Phryne Fisher book series by Kerry Greenwood, and apparently actually stays pretty close to the books- each episode is directly based off one of the books, 20 in all. According to IMDB:

“Our female sleuth sashays through the back lanes and jazz clubs of late 1920s Melbourne, fighting injustice with her pearl-handled pistol and her dagger-sharp wit.”

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries (2012):
She really does have a pearl-handled gun. It’s golden, too. {source: IMDB}

But personally, I feel that explanation really only covers Phryne Fisher herself. There’s also Dorothy “Dot” Williams, Miss Fisher’s loyal companion and true cinnamon roll, Mr. Butler, whose name really is Tobias Butler and whose occupation actually is being a butler, Cec and Bert, two men who work for Miss Fisher as- well- we think cab drivers, they honestly do everything, Detective Inspector Jack Robinson, the only match for Phryne’s wit and sharp tongue, and Hugh Collins, the DI’s right-hand man and bumbling favorite who may be sweet on Dot. I’m sorry if I’ve made this all way too complicated. BASICALLY: ALL THE CHARACTERS ARE THE GREATEST THINGS EVER AND REALLY FABULOUS.

Here, of course, are some reasons as to why you should (OF COURSE) watch this awesome show:

1. The super cool setting and time period!

Miss Fisher’s is an Australian production, so it’s set in Melbourne. BUT IN THE 1920s. It’s really awesome because there is lots of ’20s music (THE MAIN THEME IS A+), snazzy costumes, a ridiculous amount of fur and jewels on said costumes, and really awesome interior decorating. There’s obviously a lot of work that goes into making the show look so period-typical and IT’S JUST SO LOVELY. Miss Fisher’s car is my personal favorite. It’s really awesome and cool and fancy and you can read about it here.

2. The amazingly insane costumes.

Miss Fisher’s outfits are so, so, so crazily huge. She solves murders in thousand-dollar necklaces and fur coats, dresses and flare-y pants, flowy shirts and the occasional circus costume. Her hats are even outrageously stylish, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen her wear the same outfit twice. All of the show’s costumes, done by Marion Boyce, from Dot’s simple outfits to Jack’s suits, are honestly lovely, but Miss Fisher’s always do steal the show.

3. It’s ridiculously and awesomely feminist.

Miss Fisher is the epitome of that tumblr phrase “[blank] is a strong independent woman who doesn’t need no man”. She’s a sassy, foxy, lady detective in the ’20s of Australia. Obviously, many are against the idea of a lady like Miss Fisher, detective or not, but she handles it with her usual comebacks. And although you spend most of the three seasons hoping Miss Fisher and Jack realize that they’re hopelessly in love with each other, Miss Fisher is a huge flirt- think Jack Harkness- and she owns it. She’s usually kissing a guy an episode, and has no qualms about it. Along with that, the show is run almost entirely by women! Nearly all of the writers and producers are female, with one or two male writers/producers.

 “…and if those things happen to appeal to men, well, that really is a side issue.” source

4. The sass and snark and awesome quotes.

Phryne Fisher is crazy wicked with her comebacks and sass- there are so many fabulous one-liners and banter exchanged between her and Jack. Even reserved Dot delivers her own few fabulous lines! Overall it’s just an extremely witty and funny and so, so sassy.

Hugh: “It’s lovely here, isn’t it, Dottie?”

Dot: “Yes, it’s idyllic- if it weren’t for the snakes and the dead bodies.”

Phryne: “We have a quaint custom here: the person with the gun asks the questions.”

Jack: “I hope you’re not concealing a dangerous weapon under that skirt.”

Phryne: “I’m concealing a lot of things. It’s what a lady does.”

4. And they both know what’s up when it comes to the opposite sex


’20s music is mostly known for being, well, dance-able, and Miss Fisher’s is no exception. I mean you’ve got the gruesome (generally) murder at the very beginning, and just as it’s revealed that so-and-so is dead, generally with quite a bit of blood or purple-faced people, you cut right to the opening credits, with this cheery dance music. Also lots of Essie Davis’ face. Really, the opening credits are awesome. (The watercolor effect is great and it’s super cool.)

Most of the episodes of the show do tend to play ’20s style, jazzy, bouncy music whenever Phryne is flirting/more than flirting with some dashing gentleman, there’s a light, fluffy, not entirely murderous moment, or the happy wrap-up at the end of the show. As I am a huge music geek, I LOVE ALL THIS. It’s a really  nice companion rather then just plain suspenseful music like most murder-based TV shows have.

(Also, in one episode Phryne and Jack sing and it’s the best thing on the planet.

6. It’s actually vaguely light and cheerful?

This is honestly one of my favorite things about Miss Fisher’s. Shows that revolve around murder are honestly generally very dark and gloomy and mysterious and a lot of the scenes reflect that- they’re very dimly lit, or there are a lot of dull colors. Yet Miss Fisher’s does the opposite- nearly all of the show, unless there’s a scene at night, is really brightly lit and has so many colors (mainly due to Miss Fisher’s outfits). It’s hard to get a smol bean like myself freaked out by MURDER when the surroundings on the show are really bright and light and flashy.

clockwise from top: The Honorable Miss Phryne Fisher, Private Detective,  DI Jack Robinson, Dorothy “Dot” Williams, and Constable Hugh Collins. source

Of course, there are still a dozen more reasons as to why you should DROP EVERYTHING THAT YOU ARE DOING RIGHT THIS INSTANT AND GO WATCH IT (available on Netflix), but I hope I’ve swayed you enough. Really, though. I’m expecting a eight paragraph essay, due next week, as to why I was absolutely right and how this show is amazing. Don’t make it late.

but seriously watch it it’s the best please

Have you seen Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries? (I hope so.) Are you thinking about watching it now? Any awesome shows that you, in turn, would like to scream and flail to me about?


20 thoughts on “298364+ Reasons Why You Should Watch Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries (Like, Right Now)

  1. ARGH can’t watch things because no Netflix or YouTube on my end of the computer… it’s nice that it’s light and colorful instead of dark and blood colored *shudders*

    Maybe I’ll watch it sometime in the unforseeable future…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I have never even heard of them before but I’M SOLD. Australian?! Humour?! Feminism?! LIKE THIS SOUNDS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. *shrieks* Also that gif is perfect, omg, I need to find a reason to use a gif like that, heeh.

    (But *gasp* Team IRON MAN all the way.)

    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. HOW DID I MISS THIS WHAT. I’ve been looking for a new programme to watch — honestly, Miss Fisher’s sounds totally fabulous and I am sold. I.m such costume pretty costume trash. Also ladies solving murder mystery and jazzy soundtracks and asdfjkl. *flails* Yay for flower crowns! I’VE REALLY BEEN MEANING TO SEE ZOOTOPIA. (Actually, I think they called it Zootropolis over here. But there you go.) Loads of my friends say it’s excellent. *nods*

    Liked by 1 person

  4. My mom used to be obsessed with that show… now she’s moved on to other British dramas.
    I’ve wanted to start watching them with her, but I never get the time. Downton Abbey is a must.

    Liked by 1 person

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