Spring Happiness + Playlist!

Springtime in the South is generally one of the loveliest things around. It’s a very short amount of time and there are tornadoes every now and then (yikes) but it’s the perfect temperature and just the right amount of sunlight and everything is so, so green that IT’S JUST SO BEAUTIFUL. asldkhfalsdkfa;. So naturally in my general happy enthusiasm for Spring, I took a bunch of photos.




I get to pass the prettiest flowers on my walk home from the bus. ✿ Also, I recently was crowned Duchess of Wild Cherry Blossoms by my friend L, who is the Queen of Flowers because of a magical crown she made. (bow down to me, mortals *Thor-like stance*)

I just love spring SO SO SO MUCH. Sure, pollen does me in, like, every single day (I stepped outside the other day and I swear that I just turned into the yellow dust) but ASLKDHF IT’S SO BRIGHT AND PRETTY AND LOVELY OUTSIDE. If my blog were to be a season, I’d hope it’d be spring, because spring is bright colors and soft warmths and and perfectness, in my mind. It’s my “getting-stuff-done” mode and “insanely-crafty” mode and “take-pictures-and-feel-pretty” mode. It’s the time when I get to buy dresses and flowy shirts for summer, and it’s like I remake an entire wardrobe for the upcoming Season of Heat (not really, but you understand my point).

I’m on a school break as well finally, which is just feeling amazing. 9! whole! days! of! pure! freedom! (School is honestly not terrible, of course, but breaks are always well appreciated.) I’m going to make flower crowns with L and watch all the Marvel movies that I can (I’M DIVING IN HEADFIRST, GUYS, I’VE ONLY SEEN CAP 1) and make cute jewelry and visit friends, if I can, and make crafts for my room. Spring break presents that feeling of “I-want-to-do-everything” and it’s honestly very nice. I like wanting to do everything better than I like needing to do everything. I like love over enjoy, and I think that right now, I like the color yellow best. I like the 70° and cool breezes, and the feeling of supreme laziness. I like having no schedule, and just being able to go “y’know what? I wanna write a blog post” versus trying to fit some time in somewhere. I like sharing half-melted chocolate bars with friends and taking silly selfies that will probably never see the light of day. I like watching three episodes of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries in one night, and staying up a tad bit later than normal because there’s no need to wake up early tomorrow. I like turning my fan on at night, even though it’s not really needed yet, because it makes my duvet feel like a perfectly poufy cloud.

I hope your spring feels like that too. (✿◠‿◠)


“Is the spring coming?” he said. “What is it like?”…
“It is the sun shining on the rain and the rain falling on the sunshine…”
Frances Hodgson Burnett, The Secret Garden

listen on youtube | spotify

best day of my life | american authors

up with the birds | coldplay

the world | the family crest

it might as well be spring | frank sinatra

love you | the free design

the gambler | fun.

on top of the world | imagine dragons

are you gonna be my girl | jet

lakehouse | of monsters and men

life in color | onerepublic

reverend | pearl and the beard

happy | pharrell williams

WILD | troye sivan


Happy spring to all of you! What are your feelings on this season? What is your favorite season? Hope you enjoyed the playlist!


18 thoughts on “Spring Happiness + Playlist!

  1. I soooooo agree!! Spring is amazing. It’s so wondering to see everything coming back to life. It makes me feel empowered to do all of the things I felt to lazy to get done in the winter months 🙂


  2. a) As per usual, thou hast a good playlist.
    b) FLOOOWWWWWEEEEEERRRRRSSSS *dives in* *gets stung by all the bees*
    c) Flower crowns are the best. *goes outside and makes 123091820398+ of them*
    d) One more week until break for me gahhhh but we have a weird schedule next week that involves a large amount of sleeping in…

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  3. FLOWER EEP SO PRETTY! It’s still pretty cold and grey here, but we’ve had a couple of lovely days and those have been GREAT. I’m really looking forward to getting, you know, actual Spring. If that exists in England haha. And this looks like a fabulous playlist — I’m only on the first song so far. BUT THE SONGS I KNOW ARE GREAT. Your cover image is super pretty too! *flails in all caps*

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  4. AWW, Evi, YESS. I adore Georgia spring weather… *minus* the pollen, UGH. I had an absolutely horrible sinus infection last week, sigh. Your pictures are beautiful! And enjoy your spring break. 🙂 Now I’ll be listening to your playlist! Happy sprriiiing! *picture me as Georgia throwing pollen over car windows and every surface outside* (yaaaay ha ha ha ha)

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  5. Autumn is my favorite season but I also really love spring. Summer is my least favorite, ironically, because it’s just way too hot in the South. And I agree that the South has so much to offer in terms of weather and nature in the spring. Gorgeous photos, Evi!

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