Current Loves Playlist | saint motel, the lumineers, and florence + the machine

(I’m so stuck on coming up with blog post titles today. It’s kinda sad.)

Hello all! I wanted to post something musicy, and there’s been a lot of awesome stuff I’ve been listening to lately…so I thought I’d attempt to chuck it all at your face in the form of a playlist. 😀

listen on Spotify

ophelia | the luminners

spirits | the strumbellas

i see fire | ed sheeran

song of the lonely mountain | neil finn

king | lauren aquilina

sunrider | husky rescue

carry me home | hey rosetta!

mountain at my gates | foals

cold cold man | saint motel

hello my old heart | the oh hellos

unsteady | x ambassadors

for those below | mumford & sons

organs | of monsters and men

delilah | florence + the machine

you’re never fully dressed without a smile | sia

I hope you enjoy this! Some of my particular favorites from this playlist are:

  • Ophelia and Spirits: These two songs really aren’t that alike…but they are both significantly catchy and have been stuck in my head a lot. ALSO THEY HAVE AMAZING LYRICS:

And I don’t want a never-ending life

I just want to be alive

While I’m here

And I don’t want to see another night

Lost inside of our own life

While I’m here

-“Spirits”, The Strumbellas

  • Song of the Lonely Mountain: So I’ve been obsessed with The Hobbit soundtrack (will probably do a post on the awesomeness that it is!) and I just really love this song and the background voices and stompy stuff?
  • Delilah: I bought Florence + the Machine’s new album recently and it is amazing. ❤ I am very intrigued by all the plot bunny stuff in this song, though. Who is Delilah? What exactly is going on? Do I just need to stop being musey and look up the lyrics so that it all makes sense? THE WORLD WILL NEVER KNOW.


What have you been jamming to lately? AWESOME TUNES? Recommendations? Random thoughts? Tell all below!


11 thoughts on “Current Loves Playlist | saint motel, the lumineers, and florence + the machine

  1. Amanda Palmer just released a song about being a parent and even though I am not a parent I was playing it on repeat for practically the whole of yesterday and this morning because THAT’S WHAT YOU DO WHEN YOU HAVE A 10:30 SONG. I love Amanda Palmer for that… (also: the Dresden Dolls. Sing.)
    Mostly I’ve been listening to this: The parent song isn’t on there because it isn’t on Spotify yet. It’s vaguely depressing.
    This playlist. I like it. ANOTHER.

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  2. *cries* I’m very sorry — I’ve barely listened to any acoustic-y folk kinda music since I made that massive 150-song playlist about a year ago. But it’s been getting a bit repetitive for when I do my homework, so I’VE PUT THIS ON AND IT’S FAB. I’m not all the way through yet, but so far it’s improving Latin translation 100%. I really loved Spirits!
    OMG LAUREN AQUILINA. *dies* I mean, I can’t be totally sure where you found King but…maybe because of me & An Overthinking Teenager’s persistent fangirling? Yeah. I adore her. I like her new more electronic-y stuff but the old fab pianos are soo beautiful. I could play King at one point…sadly not anymore, BUT I STILL LOVE IT. ❤

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    1. “Folk kinda music” is basically my current taste in music. It’s been like entirely Mumford & Sons and The Lumineers and OMAM’s My Head is An Animal xD
      YAY I’m glad you like it! Latin translation does not sound fun. :/ Spirits is one of my personal favorites, it’s just so bouncy and groovy why am I using the word groovy oh no
      I think it might have been a fan video? But you all probably influenced it a lot too xD IT’S JUST SO PRETTY.

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  3. *waves* HII. Long time, no stalk. The Hobbits soundtrack is glorious, and Ed Sheeran is glorious, and this playlist is glorious. (And so are you XD). I ALSO SPY LAUREN AQUILINA. I agree with Eve, her old piano songs do something to my heart.

    Oh and, I wanted to ask, do you put on these playlists on anywhere apart from Spotify? It isn’t available in my country, and there’s only so many playlists I can make myself. I’m currently obsessed with Believe, by the Bravery. (yay Gossip Girl playlists).

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      Ahhh sorry! Do you get 8tracks? I’ve been meaning to transfer all my music to my tablop, which is my primary blogging thingy. So yes, I’m getting there! Sorry about that.
      Oooh, I shall have to look that up!


  4. A few months ago I was OBSESSED with Florence + the Machine. I learned of them when I was in high school but it wasn’t until recently that I rekindled my love for them. St. Jude was so hauntingly beautiful and on replay for a while. XD

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