Little Updates + the Infinity Dreams Award

*dramatically slides onto stage* Hello, lovely bloglings! I haven’t posted for a while on here, which is quite crazy, but school was a tad bit hectic the past few weeks- tests and projects and class registration and these stupid standardized math inventories. -_- I love school, except for when we have to do math inventories.

  • My dad, sister, and I watched all of the Hobbit movies! AND I LOVE THEM SO. (I mean I’m still mad about certain character deaths)(seriously though) and now I’ve become slightly obsessed with the soundtracks, because goshdarnit pretty music.
  • Um. Now I can remember literally nothing that we’ve done. I got a haircut?
  • My family and our friends went on this tour of an old Southern plantation house, because that is An Actual Thing In The South. There’s actually quite a few plantation homes that have been made into historical sites.
  • It was my birthday last month! I got this awesome shirt from one of my friends that says “The book was better” and I love it so much. And my friends decorated my locker like tumblr, which was immensely entertaining as I’m trying to unpack my stuff in the morning and trying not to laugh at all of these text posts. BASICALLY I HAVE RIDICULOUSLY LOVELY FRIENDS. ❤
  • I finally organized my bookshelves. It’s been three months since we’ve moved into our new house and only now have I gotten around to it. But they’re organized by author now and I don’t know if I like that better than doing it by color or not. Huh.
  • I have a ridiculous amount of story ideas and so much art I want to do.
  • We watched the movie Fried Green Tomatoes (watch it it’s amazing and also fluffy and basically that is the South. that is still the South. Southern people still talk like that. It’s a rather funny time capsule) and then I bought the book (Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe by Fannie Flagg) and am currently reading it. It’s amazing. ❤ Ruth and Idgie are my all-time faves.
  • I’ve been wanting to do a post on this for a while: Southern (American) stereotypes? You all could submit little questions and such and I could basically discuss if they’re true/false. 

the infinity dreams award

The super-sweet Aurora tagged me for the Infinity Dreams Award and I hadn’t done an award in a while, so I thought why not! Thank you!


  •  Use the Infinity Dreams Award picture
  • Thank the blogger who tagged you
  • Tell us 11 facts about yourself
  • Answer the 11 questions
  • Tag 11 bloggers

11 facts about me

  1. My hair is very dark brown. Sometimes my sister likes to tell me it’s black, but nope. It’s also immensely wavy and thick, though I currently have it mid-neck length, which is nice. *shrugs*
  2. I am a dinosaur. You may or may not have known this. It’s a long story.
  3. The majority of my shirts are navy blue. Not sure why you need to know this, but it’s kinda hard coming up with 11 facts about yourself!
  4. I’ve done ballet, tap, jazz, and lyrical dancing for three years, though lyrical was only for one of those. I wasn’t very good, and have since then stopped…but LYRICAL WAS SUPER FUN. We did this super cool dance to the song “Silhouettes” by Of Monsters and Men (which if you haven’t gotten the hint yet is my favorite band of ever) and it was amazing and then also one year we did a ballet dance to the song “Demons” by Imagine Dragons…totally not a ballet-style song, but it was really fun.
  5. An example of super-awesome lyrical-y stuffs is that during the “Silhouettes” dance I got to fall down. On purpose. It was actually really fun! You kind of go up onto your toes and then collapse forward on to your knees. *nodnod*
  6. Ummm…I’m lactose intolerant? And I don’t like peanut butter.
  7. I also love the bands/artists Mumford & Sons, The Lumineers (THEY’RE COMING OUT WITH A NEW ALBUM OKAY I’M FREAKING OUT GO LISTEN TO THE SINGLE “OPHELIA“), Coldplay, Imagine Dragons, Pearl & the Beard…and a lot more that I don’t remember right now.
  8. MUSICAL THEATRE IS VERY COOL AND I WANT TO DO ENSEMBLE OR STAGE CREW SOMETIME. I’d love to ensemble (the background-y singing peoples?) but I’m pretty sure I’d be too scared to try out for it or whatever.
  9. I currently have 437 pictures on my phone. That’s not entirely relevant, but.
  10. My favorite color is probably coral. IT’S JUST SO PRETTY.
  11. I’ve recently been obsessed with high fantasy? I owe that mostly to The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. BUT HIGH FANTASY THOUGH. It’s really cool. I’ve been plotting (okay, pinning a lot of things with no relevant plot to Pinterest) for my current plot bunny and there’s so much high fantasy stuff I want to incorporate. alskdfldsk. So thus there is a lot of history and timelines and family and character stuff that I need to work out…which is both super exciting and also a bit terrifying.

Bonus fact number twelve: I’ve never seen any of the Avengers movies/gotten involved in Marvel. Well, I watched Guardians of the Galaxy once.

aurora’s questions to be answered

  1. What would you do if you were stuck in a small pitch-black room, with no doors or windows, and you were only surrounded by walls?

Probably panic. And cry. And hope there would be food.

2. If you could choose to change a part in your favourite book which part would you change, and what would you change it to instead?

DANG. That’s a hard question. Um…I don’t really have a specific favorite book, and as they are my favorite book…I have no clue what I’d want to change because I basically think that it is the embodiment of perfection. So. 😀

3. You are given a choice to choose between a sword and a bow and arrows. Which would you choose?

If I HAD to choose…Bow and arrow, simply because I at least vaguely know how to use it. Though honestly I’d prefer neither. Weapons are scary. *nodnod*

4. What was your scariest dream/nightmare?

Actually, I don’t remember it. I know that I do in fact have one- and it’s a bit recurring- and I always know WHEN I have it…but I can never remember what it is. Bloody terrifying.

5. What is your dream job?

Publishing agent at, like, Harper Collins or Simon or somewhere! Or the ability to be a little writerly hobbit all day and, y’know, make money.

6. What are your thoughts… on apple pie?

It’s good, as long as it doesn’t have raisins. Raisins are nasty beings.

7. What is your favourite subject?

Currently, it’d have to be math, but that’s only because I like the teacher and I! understand! things! for! once! Or Language Arts, because I have an amazing teacher and we read cool books and poems and such.

8. If you had to choose between turning all water into blood or turning all food into stars, which would you choose?

Well, I’d die either way, so stars, I suppose, because those are at least pretty.

9. Are you on NaNoWriMo?

Yes! I’m eviline_lunette on the Young Writer’s Program website ( Honestly, I love the NaNo website. I’ve participate in NaNo exactly once- two years ago- and kind of technically failed.

10. What is your favourite book?


11. Which of these questions did you enjoy the most?

Probably the choosing between water to blood or food to stars. That was an interesting one.

my questions

  1. What are you currently working on? Writing, artwork, musically, etc. Current WIP?
  2. What are you currently reading?
  3. Most interesting past revelation?
  4. Current phone/computer backgrounds?
  5. If you were in the medieval era, who would you like to think you would be? (Peasant, farmer, queen/king, knight, etc.)
  6. Favorite outdoor scenery?
  7. Favorite season?
  8. Favorite thing about the outdoors?
  9. What fantasy/bookish landscape would you like to live in? (Hogwarts, Narnia, Bag End, etc.)
  10. Castles or skyscrapers?
  11. Favorite color?


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You’re not obligated, of course, but this was a cute little tag. So!

what have you all been up to lately? any interesting life-y happenings? submit your southern stereotypes you’ve heard in the comments, if you have any!


22 thoughts on “Little Updates + the Infinity Dreams Award

    Thanks for the tag!! I’ve been tagged before… *squints eyes at questions* maybe I’ll do it again? Is that allowed? TELL ME THE RULES OF THE BLOGVERSE
    (I actually tagged you two months ago and I do not think anyone responded << my relationship with the internet)


  2. *slides in dramatically* I BE RETURNED WITH A FUNCTIONING COMPUTER YESS. (And I’m totally not supposed to be replying to my own blog comments, shh. But I saw you’d changed your avatar, so. Obviously had to come and visit the blog.)
    Aah, happy birthday! ❤ MUSICAL THEATRE HELL YEAH. I think about being in the biannual (biennal? okay, every two years) school musical every day. WHAT IF THEY DO WICKED? OR RENT? I'm eternally sad I missed Les Mis. I'm a terrible dancer and mediocre actor, but…I can sing, so maybe ensemble? I just desperately want to be on the crew of a musical. I would even build set and make costumes, because making costumes is badass.
    Thanks so much for tagging me! Lately I've…actually been planning my WIP, woah. (My plan is 6k, but most of that is me being 'this one is Feuilly Leo Valdez and a cinnamon roll help how do I plan', and I never delete anything.) I…actually don't really know any Southern stereotypes? I only know british stereotypes whoops I WOULD BE KEEN TO SEE WHAT THEY ARE.
    Um. I didn’t mean to leave such a long comment. *cries* SORRY.


    1. LONG COMMENTS ARE THE BEST. I love them.
      YAY! Functioning computers are always a plus. (*laughs* ahaha, I skive at doing that a lot too. Yes! I did! It’s a lot more recent than my old one- considering my hair is now quite a bit shorter. Also no glasses. 😀 )
      Thank you! YES SAME. My current school doesn’t do any theatre, sadly, but next year I will get to do it- same with the acting/dancing- I really can only sort of dance, and don’t have the guts to act, but ensemble sounds fun…because singing! Also you’re technically in the background. MAKING COSTUMES IS SO COOL. COSTUMES IN GENERAL ARE SO COOL. And generally really pretty, depending. *heart eyes*
      You’re welcome! WHOA. I’ve been failing in that area. Also a Feuilly Leo Valdez sounds amazingly adorable and sassy, so good luck! Ahaha, I don’t know any british stereotypes so we’re both kinda lost 😀 YAY I’M GLAD YOU’RE INTERESTED. A lot of them involve a heavy southern drawl/twang, lots of saying of “y’all”…but most of those are actually true. xD

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ah yay, I’m glad I wasn’t COMPLETELY making that up haha.
        Ooh, that sounds awesome! I just. Goals for future. *nods* (Not that I can make costumes to save my life. But I can learn that, right?)
        Thank you! ❤ Tbh I've described way too many of my character in term of other characters. There is Kylo Ren/Jean Valjean, son of Aaron Burr. *sighs* It's AWFUL.
        I always want to type y'all. And then I stop myself because I never say it in real life. I DON'T KNOW, it's super weird!

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Loved it all Evi! I’m so glad you accepted my tag!!!!! Thanks for your answers! they were great!
    (Okay well I LOVE Apple pie… without raisins. 😛 but apple pie is my #1 favourite food…. 🙂 agree with you… raisins… YUK!)


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