2016 Goals | life, blogging, and everything in between

You know what’s weird? We’ve already had a week of 2016! YIKES. School’s already jumped right back into oodles of stuff happening, so I’m a bit of a busy bee.

BBC Sherlock, navigating couches and tables.

Nonetheless, I do want to get things done this year. Specifically, I’ll have a list for blogging and then one for life-y/personal stuff.


1. Post more consistently. I need to, quite honestly, work more on prioritizing and not allowing myself to check my WordPress Reader until I’ve drafted a post or two…I always say “Oh, I’ll blog!” and then spend all my blogging time checking the Reader. -_- I also need to see if I can type more posts up on the bus ride home in my little notes function on my phone, because that’s honestly when I have the most free time.

2. Find a design/theme that I love and that I want to stick with. I’ve changed themes recently (currently it looks very bland as I have nothing changed yet, but it will be. someday) and I want to find a design I really enjoy. I’ve made a blog colors board on Pinterest that is actually really helpful? I DON’T KNOW WHY I DIDN’T DO THIS BEFORE.

Follow Evi’s board blog colors on Pinterest.

3. Do some more artsy post-things! I love drawing and collaging and making things, so I don’t really know why I never post about it. I’m taking a Visual Arts Comprehensive class for an extra high school credit this year, and we do all sorts of cool stuff that I never mention.

ALSO: Hawwa of Hawwa, Etc and Areeba of Not Your Type are doing this super cool prompt-a-month creative journaling series called Oh Hawwa Etc and it LOOKS SO AMAZING. Stalk the post here. I’m definitely doing that this month!

4. POTENTIALLY make 300 followers? This is more of just a “it’d be cool if I did” kind of goal- I don’t care if I don’t get that many because HOLY CRABCAKES NEARLY 200 IS PRETTY DARN COOL AS WELL. I love you all! ❤

A collection of  excitement GIFs that provide the perfect reaction for almost every thrilling and happy situation in your life.

5. Get more active on Goodreads. I always tend to forget to update things on Goodreads…and thus I read like a bajillion books but my Goodreads count only says 35. -_-

6. Take more bookish photos for my bookstagram. I have more followers on my personal instagram than my blog/book instagram, which is, quite frankly, rather sad. I also need to experiment with Pic Monkey, because everybody (read: Cait) raves about it and yet I’ve never used it.


1. Create more. I want to write more, draw more, design more, craft more. I got watercolors and an Intuos tablet (!!!!!!!!!!!) for Christmas, and I’ve barely used either. I’m going to be creative!


2. Prioritize. Like I said in my “blog more” goal for my blog goals, I need to stop zoning out and daydreaming and just get straight to schoolwork, then blogging, then whatever I want to do.

3. Be more confident. Specifically, making eye contact. I’m always really nervous around people, and I never tend to look them in the eye, and some of my friends have apparently noticed it, so. I need to work on that, and just speaking out more.

4. Enjoy, not obsess. I actually want to write a blog post on this (nobody steal!) and the difference between enjoying something a lot and obsessing over it. I love Doctor Who and Harry Potter and all that stuff, but I don’t want it to be my life. I don’t want every conversation I have with a person to always come back to some fandom I’m a part of, like I’ve seen people (and some friends) do.

5. Try new things! Wear a skirt with some cool top to school! Wear that weirdly large shirt with stuff! Try new hairstyles! Find stuff that is cool and that I actually might want to do!

6. Talk to people more. I have a super-huge friend group- mostly, we all love each other- and some of them I’ve known since elementary school…yet we never talk. WHICH IS SAD. I love these peeps and whenever we chat it tends to fall into awkward conversation.


Also! I want to be able to just talk to people more easily- people in my classes I’m not necessarily friends with but who are still nice, teachers, adults. I am very very very awkward when it comes to conversing.

7. Experiment with graphic design. I THINK GRAPHIC DESIGN IS ONE OF THE COOLEST THINGS EVER BUT I HAVE NO CLUE HOW TO REALLY DO IT. I just fumble about uselessly on Canva. Tis quite sad. I want to sign up for some classes, read blogs, research tools.


What are some of your goals for 2016? Anything out there you really want to accomplish? tell all below!


15 thoughts on “2016 Goals | life, blogging, and everything in between

  1. Goals are great things! I especially like your create more one! 🙂 Otherwise, you are pretty fantastic, and I wouldn’t change a thing. Conversations will get easier the more you practice. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ehehe, I don’t check the WP Reader often enough! That should definitely be one of my blogging goals for 2016, shouldn’t it? 😛

    My follower count is stubbornly stuck at just over 400 people… it’s been there for quite a while. :/ Oh, well.

    Oh my god, I know what you mean about obsessing over a fandom… I don’t do it (although I might have at one point, when I was younger?), but I’ve seen some of my friends and acquaintances do it and it’s honestly kind of awkward. Maybe it’s just something you grow out of? But it’s weird when every conversation keeps coming back to their favorite fandom, or when everything turns into a reference to some TV show. So I get where you’re coming from with that one.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahaha, it opens automatically for me. 😛
      Still, that’s pretty good! Weird that it’s stayed there, though. 😐
      YES. I don’t think I do- I mean, I really love Doctor Who and Sherlock and all that, but I hope I don’t obsess over it. It’s just really awkward, especially if you have no clue what they’re talking about. :/

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  3. Good luck with the blog redesign! (Yay for currently the same theme buddies as well hehe.) THIS JOURNALING THING LOOKS SOOO PRETTY AND EXCITING. ❤
    Yeah, I'd love to get into graphic design too! I mostly use picmonkey for my designs, but I'm kind of considering sneaking in and teaching myself Photoshop on the school computers. I quit design & technology last year because I'm terrible at sawing things, but now I'm regretting not being able to do graphics properly. 😦 Omg you got an Intuos tablet, WOW! 😀
    Your point about enjoying & not obsessing is great. I think I need to try and tone down my constant fandom blabber… Yeah.

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