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Happy New Year, everybody! I cannot believe it’s 2016- remembering to write the new date on my papers will be fun. 🙂 This post is kind of the ultimate Adventuring Through Pages 2015 wrap up- books, blogging, life, etc. I’ll try not to make it too boring, I promise. ❤

Stats, Posts, and More

My blog was viewed about 4,900 times in 2015- definitely not comparing to some of the other blogs I follow, but still! nearly 5000 times! That’s pretty darn good, if I must say so.

My TARDIS Dress DIY post got the most views, closely followed by Fangirl Cast of Characters (that’s an odd one, but if y’all like it) and #WritersLife Tag. My Fangirl Cast of Characters one was actually written a year and a half ago- July 2014.

My top five most active commenters were Michelle, Nirvana, Eve, Oakley, and Chloe! Thank you guys soooo much! You are all such amazing, sweet people! *tons of hugs and chocolate*

Also, on my blog, there were 731 comments, 600 likes, and 1,647 visitors. 

Some of my favorite search terms that led to my blog were:

  • “”it’s set on the moon” cinder men”- I HONESTLY HAVE NO CLUE WHAT THIS MEANS. Well, I mean, yes, there are some aspects of the book Cinder by Marissa Meyer that involve the moon, but that’s some odd phrasing right there. 🙂
  • “awesome”– WHY THANK YOU.
  • “doctor who the tardis what does it say”– there are soooo many little searches that people probably got the answers through my TARDIS dress DIY post xD
  • “the heir by keira cass spoiler review”– why would you want to read a spoiler review? hmmmm.
  • “flailing gifs”– I don’t think I disappoint there. 🙂
  • “novel”– okaaaaaay then
  • “wordpress book listen reading theme“- 2 PEOPLE SEARCHED THIS AND WENT TO MY BLOG. What even.

These are a few of my favorite things…


7 Ways to Avoid Ending up in a Dystopian Novel: Apparently lots of people loved this post and like, actually thought it was funny? I enjoyed writing it, so I’m glad y’all enjoyed reading it!

Plots, Sub-plots, and Doctor Who: This was one of the first writing posts I ever did, and it’s honestly not that great and should be expanded on a lot more, but I’M STILL PROUD. It is my darling.

Feminist Fridays #3 (guest post): I am no longer a Girl Scout (too many obligations! school! music! aieeee!) but I will forever love what it stands for. ❤

What Happened to Letter-Writing?: One of my first thinky posts, as I call them- AND I’M KINDA A HUGE HYPOCRITE ‘CAUSE GUESS WHO HASN’T WRITTEN ANY LETTERS.

Keeping it Me: This one has turned into a bit of an inspirational, feel-better post for me to look back at when I see things like “I’ve been blogging for six months and have three hundred followers” or bookstagrammers with 1.6 thousand followers- it’s a constant reminder that blogging will always be for me, and nothing will ever change that.


This year I read 72 books and 23,426 pages. The shortest was Lumberjanes #1 by Noelle Stevenson, Grace Ellis, and Brooke Allen, and the longest was Les Misérables by Victor HugoMy average rating was 3.7 stars out of five, sadly. I wish I had found more good books, though I guess 3.7 is pretty close to 4. I didn’t complete my Goodreads challenge either- some of it might be due to forgetting to add books, but I only read 72 out of my goal of 100 books. 😦

You can see my 2015 Year of Books here on Goodreads.


THERE WAS SOOOOO MUCH MUSIC I LOVED THIS YEAR. Not all of it actually came out this year, but still. MUSIC.

“People Help the People” by Birdy


“2 Heads” by Coleman Hell

*intensively banjo/guitar/whatever that is playing*

“Bottom of the River” by Delta Rae

This song is, technically, kinda old for me to have just discovered it. BUT WHO CARES IT’S SO COOL.

“Home” by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes

*enthusiastically tries to whistle*

“The Gambler” by Fun.


“Believe” by Mumford & Sons

ALL OF THE MUMFORD! I think this song is definitely my favorite of their new album. Obviously. Otherwise it wouldn’t be on this list.

“I of the Storm” by Of Monsters and Men

I love OMAM sooo much and this song is just so good and I got to see them live! Definitely one of the best parts of this year.

“This is Gospel” by Panic! At the Disco


“Reverend” by Pearl and the Beard

Ditto. Also, their voices are AMAZING.

“Cold Cold Man” by Saint Motel

*tries to play the cool piano part*

“Carousel Ride” by Rubblebucket

This is potentially one of the weirdest music videos you will ever watch. That doesn’t change the fact of how weirdly amazing this song is.

Les Miserables: The Motion Picture Soundtrack Deluxe Edition

I kind of discovered my love of Les Mis this year when I read the book and I looooove the movie. And the movie’s soundtrack.


This is essentially where I chuck a bunch of blogs at your face whilst screaming “FOLLOW THEM” and running around.

Musings From Neville’s Navel: ENGIE IS COOL.

Twist in the Taile: Taile is super awesome and amazing. And has hair that reflects her awesomeness.

Quenching the Quill: Nirvana is ridiculously sweet! We flail about…everything bookish, really.

Xingsings: Summer is also very very cool! Her blog is so pretty.

Paper Fury: (you knew Cait was going to show up, didn’t you?) Basically the book blog everyone strives to be.

Loony Literate: Cats! And books! Need I say more?

Mixolydian Musings: We flail about books and music together. *nods solemnly*

The Writing Hufflepuff: Michelle is just awesome and sweet and takes cool pictures!

Looking Back at my 2015 Goals

1. Schedule more posts, and post more often.

I’m honestly not sure how ell I did there. Occasionally I would actually post every other day or three days, but I also have ginormous pauses where I don’t post for like two weeks. 😐 Still working on that one.

2. Reach 100 Followers.

I actually did this! I don’t know when exactly I reached 100,  but thank you all so much!

3. Reach 200 followers.

Not yet. I’m super close though- 189 is my current count, I believe. Still, that’s amazing! *happy crying emoji*

4. If I reach 200 followers, I want to consider going self-hosted.

Yeah… Self-hosted is something I’ll always want to do, but not until I’m later on into high school. Or college. Not now, anyway.

5. Do more book reviews.

*laughs weakly*

6. Celebrate my blogoversary!

My Mid Year Blog Goals update summed this up pretty well:

Yup, this didn’t happen. My blogoversary was… May 3rd, I believe? Smack in the middle of my unplanned hiatus. Maybe next year…I say that hopefully.

7. Bring back Song of the Day.

I don’t even know why I wanted to keep doing this? Song of the Day was fun, but I doubt anyone actually listened to the songs and besides, that’s one post a day, sure, but it’s not quality at all.


how was your 2015? did you reach the goals you set? I’ll probably do two more posts for 2016- one on my blog goals and one on me, where I am and where I’m going. HAPPY (LATE) NEW YEAR!!!


7 thoughts on “One Year Ahead | avp’s year in review

  1. Yay, that TARDIS DIY was awesome. 😉 Haha, those search termes are hilarious — I had a lot of searches for Simon Snow/Baz and the Eleanor & Park movie. Also, a couple about Sarah J Maas and Merlin?!? *shrugs*
    Also; YES TO LES MIS. It was my longest book too haha. (My average rating was…3.3. Eh.) Thanks so much for the mentions! ❤ And happy (belated) new year!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. AW I’M GLAD YOU HAD A FANTASTIC YEAR <33 And I made it onto your favourite blog list??? *squeals* ily. My weirdest search terms had something to do about killing people when you hate them (wot) and Moriarty (yas). Not surprised, though xD I'm terrible at keeping up with GR so I honestly have no idea how many books I read this year.

    Liked by 1 person

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