7 Of My Favorite Unique Films {blogmas day eighteen}

I love movies- I think how they’re made and the actors and everything is SO cool. In my family we have movie nights about every weekend, which leads to some…interesting choices if my dad’s picking the movie. (Think oddly-made animated movies, mostly always set in France, for whatever reason.) But sometimes we manage to find the COOLEST MOVIES EVER. And between my mom and me, we have a knack to pick the odd duck awesome movies at the theatre.

Side note: Not all of these are actually films! There’s one TV show and one webseries on here as well. 😀 Also, they all link to IMDB, save the webseries.

Also also! People who read this in email, you might want to venture to your browser, because I’ve included some movie trailers and email seems to mess that stuff up.

  1. The Monuments Men

source: imdb

Okay, this movie is definitely one of my favorites. I had no idea about this part of World War II history, so that’s super cool to see it brought to life. One of my favorite things about it is that it does the border between humor and seriousness so well- there’s lots of awesome funny parts, but it can also be quite serious, considering it is a war. And my other favorite thing is that the MUSIC REFLECTS THIS. Like, sometimes the music is super dark, and then sometimes it’s kind of comical-y bouncy.

2.  Ernest and Celestine

source: imdb

This movie is honestly just super adorable. It’s about a bear. And a mouse. And basically there’s the bears who live above ground, and the mice who live underground. Ernest and Celestine get all mixed up together and it’s so cute. Ernest is like Celestine’s weird uncle, honestly. IT’S JUST SO SWEET.

The animation is the coolest part of this movie, I think! It looks like watercolors, and kind of has a Studio Ghibli feel to it.


3. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

source: imdb

THIS IS MY FAVORITE MOVIE EVER. It’s based off of a short story which you can read here, only they’ve changed a lot and expanded a lot but the basic premise is still the same: a man who daydreams a lot.

One of my favorite things about this movie is the music- it’s all very indie and has a bunch of mid-song musical bits that they used in the movie, and all the full songs are just SOOOO GOOD. My personal favorites are “Stay Alive” by Jose Gonzalez, “Maneater” by Grace Mitchell, and, of course, with my obsession with this fabulous band, “Dirty Paws” by Of Monsters and Men.

4. Song of the Sea

Song of the Sea (2014) Poster
source: imdb

This movie is by the people who did The Secret of Kells (see below), and ohhhhh, it’s so amazing. It’s about a little girl who can’t speak who begins to live with her grandmother and brother, Ben (their mum died). Ben’s super bitter about life and is basically a butt to his sister but also towards the end SUPER PROTECTIVE I LOVE SIBLING LOVE and also: girl’s a selkie! Yay myths! There’s also a lot of stuff with the fairy world and it’s basically the coolest thing ever.


5. The Secret of Kells

The Secret of Kells (2009) Poster
source: imdb

This movie is really different in its visuality and at the time when I watched it, I wasn’t a fan at all (think little eight-or-nine year old Evi who has only really ever seen the Disney animation style) but it’s really unique and cool. Ireland! Fairies! Medieval setting! The animation is even more simplistic compared to The Song of the Sea, but it’s so amazing at the same time.




6. Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries

source: amazon.com

I have no clue exactly how my family discovered this show, but it is one of the quirkiest  and best things ever. Think lady detective in 1920s Australia solving crimes in the foxiest way possible, along with a whole tag-along of characters that are FABULOUS. There’s so much feminism and while most of the characters are white, one of the side characters is queer in some form or fashion! Not saying who, because, duh, spoiler alert. Y’all need to watch it.

(Also, I’m dying over that trailer, I completely forgot about that part: “Phryne, what makes you think you can go outside, it’s late out!” “I’ve got a gun!” [horrified shriek] “PHRYNE”. The entire series is basically everyone: “Phryne no” Phryne: Phryne yes)

ALSO THE OPENING MUSIC (which is in the trailer) is sooooo amazing. Like, oops, bloody death scene? Have some danceable 20’s music with Essa Davis’ face. (I have a lot of feelings about this show, if you can’t tell. It’s amazingggggg.)

7. MsLabelled

source: thegloss.com

This is the only webseries on this list- it’s one of my current faves, despite me having no enjoyment, really, of fashion. It’s by VerveGirl TV (they did the webseries Carmilla) and is possibly one of the funniest, goofiest, and awesomest webseries out there. It’s about newbie Ella (seen left), who’s an assistant for a fashion magazine. There’s lots of crazy moments and drama episodes, but everything is just super happy and sweet and just very much a feel-good show. It’s definitely unique with all the fashion-y ness, and also has some killer diversity. YAY VERVEGIRL.

Currently, they’ve finished Season 1 and Season 2, who knows about Season 3, and a bonus episode to Season 2 is being uploaded Saturday at 8:30 New York Time (eastern time)!


What are some of your favorite films or TV shows or things of that sort? Any recommendations?


11 thoughts on “7 Of My Favorite Unique Films {blogmas day eighteen}

  1. Ooh ooh ooh, I love The Monuments Men and Miss Fisher’s, too! 😀 I haven’t seen The Secret Life of Walter Mitty yet, and never really thought about wanting to watch it, but after watching the trailer again, I’m intrigued! I love Of Monsters and Men too!

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  2. I’VE NOt WATCHED ANY OF THESE (pls don’t kill me ;-;) I definitely know what I AM watching this winter break though, because they all sound fabulous. And the animated ones sound so adorable alsl;kldfj. Ernest and Celestine’s screenart is so cute and beautiful, and I wanna watch that one, because hey, it looks amazing. I’m curious about the World War 2, because any way you have humour and history together, you’re doing things right.

    P.S It’s been aaaages since I stopped by here, and it’s great to stop by again. I will be fixing that though, because huzzah, I’m over with school and life in general for a months. It’s nice to be back 🙂 Don’t mind me while I stalk you XD

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