November’s Adventures | good books and absences


November has passed us (with a lot of rain) and thus brings forth December! *dancing elves and reindeer enter, carrying loads of candy canes and hot chocolate* I AM PUMPED FOR WINTER. AND CHRISTMAS.

(Also, my first Blogmas post! Yay!)

(And the fact that this was supposed to be published six hours ago but never did bugs me. Ugh, WordPress. You hath failed me so.)

snow winter merry christmas snowing christmas

Life Etc.

  • I got a lot of awesome blog post ideas from my Language Arts/English class! We read And Then There Were None and then watched the first film adaptation (which was terrible, btw), and did some discussions on book-to-film adaptations.
  • THANKSGIVING! So much food. So much dessert. So many family members. (And that one sneaky instance in which I walk into the room and my mom and various other family members stop talking and just watch me….*shifty eyes*)
  • It got super cold (like 40* already!) and then suddenly, this week, it shot back up to 70*. WHY CRAZY GEORGIA WEATHER. WHY. (There’s a reason our colony flunked.)



“The Wolf” by Mumford & Sons

I enjoy about three songs from the new Mumford & Sons album…but this one is really good. ❤

“Victorious” by Panic! At the Disco


“Alexander Hamilton” by the Hamilton Original Broadway Cast

I have officially jumped aboard the Hamilton train. TOOT TOOT. I’m halfway through listening to the songs in Act II. BASICALLY I LOVE IT. I didn’t think I would…because hip-hop and rap=frowny Evi…but I LOVE IT ANYWAYS.


Well, we already know I quit NaNo…so nada. zip. zilch.


Fave book this month? You Were Here by Cori McCarthy. ♥♥♥♥♥ I was not expecting to love this- recreating the dares that got Jaycee’s brother killed is NOT a smart move. But they weren’t dares as much as her visiting the places he’d gone, so that was okay. Yay for non-idiotic MCs! Also, this book had some unique formatting- there’s multiple narrators, and they each narrate differently. Jaycee is first person pov, Natalie and Zach are third person pov, Bishop is a one-page graphic design grafitti image, and Mikivikious was narrated in graphic novel form. So that was super cool.

Best cover? Also You Were Here. Everything about this book is just lovely. Y’ALL READ IT WHEN IT COMES OUT, OKAY? (Psst…it’s March 1st.)


Currently reading? The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin: THIS IS EVERY YA TROPE I DISLIKE YET I AM LOVING THIS ANYWAY. ACK.

Also: Mara and Noah are sassy little things. I love them. ❤

How Many Letters Are In Goodbye? by Yvonne Cassidy: Currently just lots of “ehhhhhhhhhh”. Rhea is super rude and just a grump and throws a lot of the “you don’t understand”/”nobody understands” around and tells Amanda she’s not gay when she comes out? What?! Ugh, Rhea. I DISLIKE YOU GREATLY.


I shared some predictions for Winter by Marissa Meyer.

I (finally) posted that Q&A I asked y’all about in September!

I shared why I’m not doing NaNoWriMo this year…

…and gave a response to Barbie’s most recent commercial on girls.

Four posts. I have failed you yet again. *tears of shame* But I’m doing Blogmas, so hopefully I get going with that! *crosses fingers*


How was your November? Anything awesome, crazy, sad, odd happen? Share all below!


7 thoughts on “November’s Adventures | good books and absences

  1. AAH HAMILTON WELCOME FRIEND WELCOME honestly I am so sorry, I have completely fallen into the Hamilton hole. (Definitely haven’t memorised the entire Alexander Hamilton song…nope…not me *sweats nervously*) It is fabuuulous. 😀
    Hahaha, I almost fell out of my seat when you said 40*. And then I realised YOU MEANT FAHRENHEIT because wow 40* Celsius is hot. XD
    I recently read Mara Dyer! And yeah, when I finished I was like ‘this is so ridiculous’, but I did kinda enjoy it anyway.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. THE HAMILTON HOLE IS VAST AND DARK AND I LOVE IT ANYHOW. (I am pretty darn close…oh dear.)
      Ahaha, the temp system in America is weird. It’s like, “the rest of the world uses Celsius and the metric system? HAHAHA NOPE, WE’RE GONNA BE THE RECKLESS TEENAGER WE ARE AND USE DEGREES FAHRENHEIT AND A TOTALLY DIFFERENT MEASURING SYSTEM MWAHAHA.”
      Have you seen that tumblr post-y thing where it’s like “50* in michigan” and everybody’s like lounging outside and then “50* in california” and everybody’s bundled up and then it has a thing with “100*” and all that and then somebody british shows up and is just like “I was confused until I remembered it’s in degrees Fahrenheit” and then there’s like “50* in england” and everything is on fire and there are sarcastic skeletons. IDK MAN I FIND IT HILARIOUS FOR WHATEVER REASON. I’d recommend googling it, as my description is probably all sorts of jacked up.
      I’m at the part with Joseph and reptilian amphibious thingies (trying desperately not to super spoil) and am honestly kind of confused like what is happening???? why???? what???? ????????

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I AM NEVER GOING TO GET OUT OF THIS. And also, Lin Manuel Miranda is always making Les Mis references. *wipes tear from eye* My excitable musical heart aah.
        A lot of people in the UK still use feet and stone for height/weight? But all the weather is in Celsius, so. Idk. *shrugs* I don’t even really know how to convert to Fahrenheit though, whoops. XD Aah I can’t seem to find it right now, but I kinda get what you mean? Sarcastic skeletons, that’s us lol.
        Yeah. I still don’t really know why…some of the main plot points happened. *coughs*


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