Teach Them This


To start, Happy late Thanksgiving to all my fellow Americans! I hope you ate lots of turkey and mashed potatoes and pie. 😀

This post actually has its origins in Thanksgiving as well. More specifically, a commercial that played on NBC during the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. It starts out with talking about “what if girls thought they could do anything?” and there’s these little five or six year olds teaching a college class or coaching a professional soccer team. It was pretty awesome…until we discovered what the commercial was advertising.

It was, surprisingly, Barbie.

Which, in my opinion, feels kind of hypocritical. Barbie may have made a pretty cool commercial on the fact that girls can be anything, but what else do Barbie dolls teach little kids?

Barbies are the epitome of unrealistic body standards. Maybe that’s not exactly something little kids think about, but it’s not a good impression to make either way.

Yes, it’s crazy important that people know that they can be anything, but it’s also important that little kids don’t think of their bodies in the wrong way.

So good for you, Barbie, to make that commercial. But maybe next time teach them this. Teach them that their bodies are perfect the way they are. Teach them that nobody should look like their dolls. Teach them that they’re real too. And if you think that they don’t care, at least show us that you do.



I hope you enjoyed that! If you watched the commercial, what are your opinions? I’d loved to know!

Also, side note: I’m doing Blogmas! But, like, a really weird version of Blogmas in which only some stuff is holiday themed and I’m honestly just trying to post everyday. ACK. I fail at this. Wish me luck! Who else is doing it?


9 thoughts on “Teach Them This

  1. I hadn’t seen this! It definitely seems…kind of hypocritical. I’m all for adverts with feminism & girl power, but I think body image is so closely linked with that it’s really difficult to not deal with it.
    *manic laughter* AHAHA BLOGMAS. I don’t think I’m doing it, because my brain still hurts from NaNo and I have a million essays due. BUUT who knows. I hope you have fun! And I totally need to do some Christmas-related posts. 🙂 (And happy Thanksgiving for last week!)

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    1. I NEVER REPLIED TO YOU APPARENTLY SO SORRY! “I think body image is so closely linked with that it’s really difficult to not deal with it.” YES YES YES YES YES YES. Basically everything I was trying to say in one sentence. 🙂 It’s rather silly to try to empower girls for one thing, but bring them down for another…why not just empower them with everything?
      *manic laughter in return* AHHAHAH blogmas, for which I only wrote four posts. :’) I did have fun writing the posts that I did…y’know…actually write… 🙂 (Thanks! Hope you had a lovely Thursday! Also, I totally feel you on essays. I had sooo many and then random midterms that didn’t even count toward our grade in one class [?????] and still homework for break. Yikes. Hope your essays went well!)

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      1. Don’t worry! I, um, had kind of forgotten about this as well. So. YESS TOTALLY.
        Oh, I hope your essays & exams went well — thankfully I don’t actually have mocks at the start of this new term, but. ARGH. That’s so weird, what??? Thank youu! 🙂

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