In Which I Finally Have That Q&A From September

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Remember that time, two long months ago, when I said I was going to host a Q and A? Well, guess what! I forgot! *jazz hands* So…I’m back with your (fantabulous) questions and my answers!

Some of these questions were pretty thoughtful and then some of them were pretty crazy, guys. Y’all are awesome.

From EMBER @ LITERARY CONSTELLATION: How would you describe the smell of your favorite scent?

This was one of the hardest questions! Like…how do you describe a scent?! I tried, Ember, I promise you I did…

Okay, so I’d say my favorite scent is pumpkin and all that. I love pumpkin pie and pumpkin scones and even the dreaded pumpkin spice latte (*gasp*)(Seriously, they’re really good this year). I guess I would describe it as Thanksgiving, home, cinnamon, autumn, and turkey. Because turkey.



Oooh, I like this question. To be honest? I have no clue. I really don’t remember. It was probably something along the lines of “I-like-books-hmm-maybe-I-could-blog-about-it”. So I started my first blog, An Effloresce Of Thoughts. I still really don’t know what “effloresce” means or if I even used it correctly- it was one of those Word of the Day finds xD Then I realized that that was a lame blog name, so I changed to Where Books Never End, and then changed to the current Adventuring Through Pages so it matched my url.


This one’s a cool one! And it actually wasn’t Harry Potter (though I love Harry Potter 😀 ). I loved the Little House on the Prairie series when I was little, and I also read The Chronicles of Narnia a lot. So it was probably Little House on the Prairie that got me into reading, and The Chronicles of Narnia that made me the nerdy being I am now. 😉


From SUMMER @ XINGSINGS: What blog post are you most proud of?

Oh jeez, is it bad that I had trouble finding one for this question? Oh, dear. I’m going to go with these three posts:

  • 7 Ways to Avoid Ending Up in a Dystopian Novel: Apparently people, mainly you all, thought this one was witty and funny and laugh-worthy? I AM HONOURED.
  • Plots, Sub-Plots, and Doctor Who: Basically, I’m really proud of this post because I was blogging and watching Doctor Who and thinking about writing and something just kinda clicked and I went “omg I understand a writey thing“. Also, DOCTOR WHO.
  • Feminist Fridays #3 Guest Post: Chloe, from the recently ended The Book Hugger, let me write a guest post for her Feminist Fridays feature, so I wrote about Girl Scouts and how people generally put a lot of stereotypical stuff into that label.

(Now I have a question for y’all: Which of my blog posts do you really like? I’m curious as well 🙂 )


I really, really hope I never quit blogging. I mean, I guess I can’t speak for the future, but I really hope I never do. Blogging is amazing, and so are all you lovely people. ❤ I think if I ever was to quit blogging, it wouldn’t be because it uninterested me- it’d probably be because of life and stress or something of that sort. BUT I NEVER WANT TO QUIT. I hope I continue to blog until I’m a little old lady who is 90-something and doesn’t understand these “newfangled children”. 😛


THIS IS SO GOSHDARN HARD. I could’t just pick one…so have two.

no idea where I found this, but it is beautiful
no idea where I found this, but it is beautiful
running field sheep llama farm

And also:

five random facts about Evi

  1. I am (sort of) lactose intolerant. Well, we think I am. It is unconfirmed.
  2. I do this thing when I’m nervous or freaked out or surprised or excited (really, just all the time) where I channel Kermit and flail my arms. This has earned me the nickname of “Friendly Dinosaur”, and some odd looks from classmates.
  3. I really like those old-ish songs that are sort of jazzy and orchestra-y. Like, “The Way You Look Tonight” by Frank Sinatra, “I Get a Kick Out of You” by Jamie McCullum, and “Luck be a Lady” by Frank Sinatra. On Sunday nights, before dinner, my dad always puts on those CDs. 😀
  4. I get cold super easily, so when it’s summer at school and 90 degrees Fahrenheit, I’ll be sitting in class shivering with a jacket. This could also be due to our school’s HVAC, but still. Today I was just walking around the house in like four layers because it suddenly got really cold.
  5. I am a huge Les Mis and Wicked fan, and I’ve always loved the idea of doing something in theater. I don’t care if it’s acting (haha, probably not), that group of people that does all the background-ish singing, or stage crew, but DRAMA IS JUST SO COOL. I love musicals and plays and spend like all my free time listening to the Les Mis or Wicked radio on Pandora, or my own CDs of them.

Much thanks to everyone who submitted a question! You all are amazing! ❤

There you have it, folks! Any last-minute questions you would like answered? Mundane life updates? Tell all below!


9 thoughts on “In Which I Finally Have That Q&A From September

  1. YAY omg so…I somehow missed this…but aah this is so cool! Those gifs are seriously fabulous. (The second one reminds me of my RS classroom. They have, like, a photo on the wall of a sheep in a crowd of llamas saying something like ‘they have not yet discovered me’. Idk?? Random piece of information haha.)
    I do a kind of T-rex hands thing when I get excited. And then I tuck my chin in and do a weird face. My friends all think I am 100% mad. 😛
    MUSICALS LES MIS AND WICKED YAAS I still lament the fact that I was too young to be in our school’s production of Les Mis. *cries* I mean, even though I don’t really have the vocal ability to play literally anyone, I think I could be great at costuming. And generally crying whenever anyone sings anything.
    Anyway, this was super fun to read!


    1. Eh, not really, I posted it like a day or two ago xD (Though ohmigoodness that picture sounds amazing. I keep seeing this one floating around pinterest and it’s this terrified looking dog with all these other animals [I don’t remember if they’re sheep or llamas or ducks idk] and it’s like ‘this isn’t the dog park’ and I crack up every time I see it!)
      That is a good way to put it- T-rex hands. My friends commented on it saying that it looked like a dinosaur so now I am “Friendly Dinosaur”. We’re basically awkward twins xD There’s this cycle in my friend group where I’ll make some weird noise because I, like, opened my hummus too quickly and it sprayed everywhere and everybody just stares for a second.
      YOUR SCHOOL PRODUCED LES MIS?! Omg that’s awesommmme! I’m really hoping my high school will in the next four years or something so I can say I’ve seen it.. (or be in it omg tho I’m like 90% certain I wouldn’t have the gall to try out)
      Thank you! Lovely comment per usual. ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I think I was talking about missing submitting questions? I’m not sure though haha.
        Friendly Dinosaur aah that’s such a weird coincidence. Awkward twins yess.
        AND THE TRAGEDY IS THAT I DIDN’T EVEN GO. *shakes head* It was a few years ago, when I had not yet discovered the revolution-ing I was missing. I’M SO SAD OMG.
        Omg hopefully, that would be awesome! ❤


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