150 Followers + Q&A | basically, you peeps rock

I’ve been forgetting to write this post for weeks,  especially considering it’s been a little bit since I actually got over 150 followers (!!!), so now I think I’ve got around 160? BUT EITHER WAY WHO CARES OMG YOU GUYS ARE THE SWEETEST THINGS ON THE PLANET.

When I started this blog, followers wasn’t exactly something I thought about- like, yeah, I wanted people to see it, but at the same time I didn’t exactly realize anything about the whole concept of followers. I had no experience with any social media except Pinterest. FOLLOWERS WAS SO WEIRD. (I mean, the name in general is kinda creepy, but I digress.) And then we come to not even one and a half years down the road and I have 150??? ????? ??????????????

I know that really, it’s kind of a super small milestone, but it’s just ASDGIEhfiSJDLKGHWIEUFHSKDHF.

The number of absolutely amazing comments I’ve received on here as well is just astounding. YOU PEOPLE ARE SO GOSHDARN AMAZING. The feeling you get when somebody says something that is just truly motivational or inspirational and it’s directed towards you  is one of the greatest feelings of the world.

Can I just scoop you all up through my laptop and give you all a gigantic hug? Because that is seriously what I want to do right now.

source: tumblr, but I’m not sure where.

And because I am a happy being and also really, really love the idea of Q&As, I would like to host one! Yayses! So submit all your questions, be they about books or writing or life or bananas or dinosaurs or food, in the comments or in the form box on my Contact Me page, and I shall post them! A very, very vague deadline is in two weeks? Ish? Depending? IDK, y’all. Do your thing.


submit all your questions and thoughts and curiosities below! More hugs!


18 thoughts on “150 Followers + Q&A | basically, you peeps rock

  1. WOOT! YOI GO GIRL! You’ve been blogging for wayyyy longet than me and I know it’s not easy but what makes it fun is to always have lovely people coming and ACTUALLY READING what we put out there. It just inspires me so much! Keep up the good work girl. ♡

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  2. EVI CAN I HUG YOU NOW??? Congratulations <33 I totally get you. I freak when someone leaves a nice comment, and that's honestly the best part. Oooh, I back Summer's question, because that's an interesting one. Also: Would you want to leave blogging? If so, why?


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  3. OH MY GOSH CONGRATULATIONS THAT IS AMAZING FSDHGS *VIRTUAL HUG* Also you made me realise that indeed the term ‘followers’ is kind of creepy. Let’s hope none of us are secretly Dark Lords 😉
    What is your favourite gif?

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