#DBF2015: Author Talks, Simon, and Evi Flails

Every year, in Decatur, Georgia, there’s an awesome event: the Decatur Book Festival. Basically, a ginormous festival for a weekend where they round up all the authors and booksellers and book-related peoples, advertise to all your nerds, and have fun. Last year, I went for the first time, and got to listen to Leigh Bardugo speak (she was super funny!). This year, Becky Albertalli (Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda), Adam Silvera (More Happy Than Not), David Arnold (Mosquitoland), and Andrew Smith (Grasshopper Jungle and a lot more) were all going to be doing a Saturday talk, so DUH, I had to go. (WERE ANY OF Y’ALL THERE???)

noonish: arrive. find food. eat food.

noonish-thirty: find friends. attempt to not eat them. marvel at super-cool chalk artist’s illustration from The Great Gatsby. hug books.

one: go find seats and ecstatically wait as we see authors. “guys, we have to take a book selfie.” “Is that her?!” “Wait a sec, is that Stefani from Caught Read Handed?” (Answer: yes! She was moderating and did awesomely and was super cool as well 🙂 ) Stefani begins introductions, and Adam Silvera is very very tall.

one-one forty five: authors discuss books and other what influenced them, etc. lots of laughter and Oakley collapsing onto my shoulder. the authors do awesome things like describe their book in six words: “Boys sending flirty emails about oreos.” (Simon) SO MUCH LAUGHTER AND GIGGLES. One of the friends, J, asks the authors to describe their favorite kind of oreo in six words or less, and Adam Silvera is shunned because he chose GOLDEN OREOS. not regular, or even double stuffed. he hath disgraced the Simon fans (it was actually really funny).

one forty five: the amazing parental units have saved us spots in the signing line! enter line. attempt not to panic because ‘OMG I’M MEETING ONE OF MY FAVORITEST AUTHORS EVER HOLY COW WHAT DO I DO WHAT DO I SAY’

one fifty-ish: Becky Albertalli signs my book and is so, so sweet! I say awkward things like “I really really liked it”, meaning the book, and blush a lot because that seems to be my default mode for anything that isn’t natural. get Simon pin and sticker (it took me forever  to decide where to put the sticker). mentally scream. say thanks a lot. awkwardness is in abundance, folks. also flailing.

I’m 90% certain that me flailing is entirely Kermit’s fault, along with my love of the Muppets. source

twoish? I guess?: wait for friends who are getting their copies of More Happy Than Not  and Mosquitoland  signed. flail. a lot of flailing. also, water, because it is hot.

rest of time spent there, which I don’t know how much is because books, people, books, who bothers with time when there’s books: eat popsicle, which Google is telling me is spelled with a capital P. ah well. enter bookstore, like, three times and never actually buy anything. wander up and down the streets looking for the Literary Threads stand that was there last year but to no avail, even if their website insists otherwise. instead find little tent with all sorts of geeky pins and necklaces and notebooks and SCARVES (but those were $40 *cries*). buy the Secret Garden coloring book, which looks SO COOL. leave feeling hot and tired but also BECKY ALBERTALLI SIGNED MY BOOK excited.

If you can’t read it because the pic isn’t working or something, she wrote: “Simon says: eat Oreos and make out.” Personally, I think I’ll stick to the first one for a bit, thanks. 😉 Also, my editing skills are totally rocking (not) with my hastily drawn line over the “real name of Evi”. (dundundunnnnn)

Were any of you guys there? Do you plan on going in the future? A book blogger meet up would indeed be fun. 😀 Have you read any of the authors’ books?


5 thoughts on “#DBF2015: Author Talks, Simon, and Evi Flails

  1. Ughhh, this sounds so amazing! LEIGH BARDUGO. BECKY ALBERTALLI. (Omg, she signed your book! <3)
    I'm terrible with meeting authors. I spend the whole time rambling with my hands fluttering around my face. But it is still AWESOMELY AWESOME.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. (I was looking through my old posts and re-reading this one and I realized that I only responded to half of your comment. AGAIN. Apparently phone-Wordpress doesn’t show it all. 😦 )
      IKR! I either ramble really, really weirdly and flap my hands (my friends call it the “Friendly Dinosaur” because apparently that’s what it looks like?) or say like one thing (as seen above) and blush and flail more. I LACK SOCIAL GRACE. OR SKILLS. 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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