Keeping it Me

This post was mainly inspired by An Overthinking Teenager and also the fact that one of my good friends, Oakley, has restarted a blog (go stalk it 🙂 ).

I was writing up some tags today, and was not exactly happy about doing so. Then I realized that it felt like I had  to do it, and that’s not what blogging is for.

Blogging is for sharing what you love, blogging is for having fun, blogging is for making friends and posting random thoughts. And I guess I kinda realized that I don’t have to do these tags. I mean, they’re cool tags, and I’m grateful for being tagged, but I guess it’s just not something I want to do? I dunno.

The reason An Overthinking Teen was mentioned was because in her most recent post, she said this:

  • I’m going to forget about the sponsored posts and stick with what I love. Lately I feel a little bit like I’ve been focusing on making all my posts about something very specific, and not necessarily going with what I want to write about. Maybe it’s the Blog Olympics, I don’t know. But although it felt like a great honour to do a few sponsored posts – there were a couple of book reviews, and there’s a chocolate review and giveaway going up tomorrow – I feel like I haven’t written about what I want to write about for a long time. So I’m going to forget about restrictions with sponsored posts etc, and just do what I want.

She managed to word it beautifully, and I guess that’s what I’m trying to say. Every now and then I do want to rant and rave and flail about books… but sometimes I just don’t. What if one day I just want to blog about my day? How I feel?

Blogging shouldn’t be something you feel forced to do. Blogging should be something I enjoy. And I do, I just feel like maybe sometimes I need to step back and go, “What do I  want to blog about?”

And I know that’s a little crazy because nobody’s forcing me to do anything, and that this is becoming a slight rant, but it’s also rolling off the keyboard way faster than those tags were.

Oakley was also brought in because she is one of my good friends, but she’s also rather fearless. It’s admirable. Her persona, on and offline, is “I will love what I love, and you can’t stop me from shutting up about it.” She will talk and blog about her day, about books she hates, about books she loves, about LGBTQ+ness, about whatever she wants, and somehow I have trouble doing that. (love ya friend!)

I constantly want to compare myself to others bloggers, bloggers who have built their thousand follower network on book reviews and top ten tuesday and maybe that works for them, but sometimes it doesn’t for me.

(Besides, according to WordPress I have 154 of you following me. That’s way more than I ever expected, and honestly I’m a very happy and thankful person.)

So maybe some days you’ll get a post about my day, some days you’ll get book flailings, some days there will be writing, some days music. In reality, this probably won’t change much, but there will be more ‘me’ posts, and I guess I’ll be trying to let my personality shine through a bit more (I’m both a crazy cheerful and giggly and enthusiastic person and then some days I am darkness).

ANYWAYS. That was a rather long talk/rant/thing and it’s nearly ten thirty. I do not like staying up this late. I need my beauty sleep. o.O Ciao for now, I guess!


16 thoughts on “Keeping it Me

  1. I definitely think so – I LOVE doing tags, but I wouldn’t expect everyone else to. Then it just gets boring! So yeah, blog about what you love and I think it becomes a lot easier (and you don’t have to worry as much about disappointing people).

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  2. Oh my gosh I love this post so much! I think you’ve expanded on everything I felt but wasn’t entirely sure how to word, so thank you so much for that! I think we’re both stuck in the same blogging rut, but I reckon we’re on our way out now. I’m glad you liked my post and that it inspired you, and I hope you get your blogging mojo back soon! 🙂

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  3. This was amazing! Good for you, I have a list of ideas right now, and I have a bunch of discussion posts where it’s just about writing what I feel like. That’s what I always want to do with my blog, write what i feel like, when I feel like. Some weeks I may skip a TTT, and that’s okay, you know? So, this was a great read for me, and I look forward to seeing you keep it real.

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