Adventuring Through Pages has an Instagram!

I keep getting stunned by people like Cait’s fabulous bookish photography, so I decided to make an Adventuring Through Pages insta- no, bookstagram! It’s called adventuringthroughpages (nooooo) and I shall attempt to create pretty bookish pictures. Chaos may or may not ensue.

homemade oreos and beautiful books! #bookstagram #simonvsthehomosapiensagenda #oreos

A photo posted by @adventuringthroughpages on Aug 15, 2015 at 9:35am PDT

Do you guys have instagrams for your blogs/bookish stuffs? Tell me so that I may stalk- Ahem, follow- them! How have you explored social media through Your blog? ARE MY EMBEDDING SKILLS WORKING?


11 thoughts on “Adventuring Through Pages has an Instagram!

  1. Oh yes Cait always have beautiful pictures! I don’t have Instagram be it for bookish stuff or my life. I feel weird about sharing pictures with the rest of the world (call me paranoid!) Even on Facebook, I have very few pictures of myself. However, I do enjoy stalking people who take beautiful pictures’ Instagram!

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    1. I can understand how it can be scary. Like, what if there’s accidentally a phone number or your name in the background? Then there’s the fact that you always feel compelled to compare yours to other people’s…
      IKR, some people’s are just SO PRETTY!!! thanks for commenting!


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