I’m Back at School (WHAT?!)

This post is scheduled. Meaning, when you read this, it will be Monday, at 1:00 (my time), and I will be in school.

I will be in school.


Since school has started (I am not prepared for being in the grade I’m going into), this calls the need for some explanations. Namely, my posting.

I am in four classes that are super high level, along with the rest of my accelerated classes, so I will probably have tons of homework (along with I think two or three hours of studio time each week for my art class?), meaning less blogging.

doctor who animated GIF

I KNOW, I KNOW, ‘TIS TERRIBLE. I’m going to try to schedule posts and whatnot, especially on weekends, but who knows. I might end up having barely any homework!Β HAHAHAHAHA sureΒ Or I might end up having so much I shall suffocate, but let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.

Long story short? Expect less, guys. Expect less. I shall be there… but mostly, I shall be sitting behind a really uncomfortable desk, hoping that there is no homework. πŸ™‚


28 thoughts on “I’m Back at School (WHAT?!)

  1. I’m totally feeling this pain, too! Luckily, I don’t go back until the end of August, but the prospect of entering my first semester of college has me seriously doubting the amount of time I’ll have for blogging. Scheduling posts is a life saver! πŸ™‚

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  2. Good luck! I start back to school in a few weeks myself, so I need to start planning out my blogging schedule and getting ahead on my serial story. School is the worst. As is studying and homework. You can do iit!! πŸ™‚

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  3. ….wait WHAAAAAAT.
    School. Let sigh. Unfortunately, I’m going to have to go through the same in a week ack. Not looking forward to it because a) I have I think, five? Extra subjects? Extra homework and tests. YAY. B) Both of my best friends moved away. Life is cruel. Also, a girl I liked a lot who was suppose d to move back couldn’t because REASONS. Three. What is the universe? Conspiring against me so I spend highschool as a lonely squid? 😭😭 It is a sad life. Moving on with the self pity, of course…

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  4. Precisely! For real, what happened to the summer? I took a summer course this year and the break really flew by fast. So I totally relate to this post. I don’t go back to school until next week but I’m sure I’m going to make a post warning about my inactivity as well. Anyway, wishing you all the best with your academic endeavors, Evi!

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