What Happened to Letter-Writing?


Ever since I was little, I loved when my mother or I got the mail and there would be envelope, sometimes colorful, waiting along with the coupons and bills. Considering the fact that half of the mail was junk, an actual letter was a rarity, and while they are generally thank-you cards, we all love receiving them and seeing who it’s from.

Now it seems like we only get one of those colorful envelopes once a month, save at Christmastime.

What has happened to letter-writing?

Yes, there is texting, and email, and phone-calls, and various video-chats, but we manage to do all of those. Writing letters has disappeared almost completely, and it makes me sad. There’s something so special about writing a letter, about pouring words onto paper, and being able to feel like you could write forever.


I guess it’s rather hypocritical, typing this post on a computer when I technically could be writing it out and sending it to a friend, but I guess the world is changing, and sometimes lovely things get left behind.

Do you ever write letters? Do you miss receiving them as well? Favorite Stationary? Tell all, Adventurers (I have found a new name for you lovelies).


14 thoughts on “What Happened to Letter-Writing?

  1. Handwritten letters are my favorites! There’s just something very meaningful and sentimental about them. My friends and I exchange letters until now and it’s honestly the best thing ever. I even have this box where I put my collection of them haha ❤️

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  2. I ADORE letters.

    Which is sad because I don’ think I ever got one in my entire life. The feeling of getting something, anything, in the mail is so good. And if it’s a letter, then it’s even better. I’d give anything to get one XD Even pen pals these days are through the internet – not that I have anything against the internet, I love it, it’s just that things would be a 109% better if we did ❤ I loved this post, because it actually connected with me a lot.

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  3. Hi Evi,

    Thank you for registering at Teenage-Blogger-Central! I also love receiving letters, but sadly I don’t get them very often.. I do Postcrossing where you’re given a stranger’s address to send a postcard to, and a stranger from another country will send you one back.. It’s very fun and I’ve never gotten so much mail, so I would thoroughly recommend it! Again, thanks for registering and welcome to TBC 🙂

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  4. Ahh, when I saw your post I suddenly was reminded of Beastly because there’s a moment where Lindy says this very line, I think. And I totally agree, there’s a thrill and specialness to opening and reading actual letters. I love my technology but I do miss getting actual handwritten letters.

    And my favorite stationary is Sentimental Circus. It’s such a cute company! ^.^

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