In Which I Am Suddenly Reading ARCs

For a while now, I’ve wanted to get into being an ARC reviewer. I loved reading people’s reviews and loved the idea of getting to read and write about a book before it came out. The thought that you had some impact was really cool. I did a TON of research (much thanks to Jessica, for her wonderful guide, and Chloe, along with all the other book bloggers whom I stalk, for writing fabulous Review Policy pages that I sneaked looks at for reference). I made a Review Policy and Contact Me page. I signed up for Blogging for Books, Library Thing’s Early Review program, NetGalley, and filled out Penguin’s Book Blogger Form. A day or two passed, and then I got an email in my inbox.

Now, I could be totally anticlimactic and tell you that it was just from goodreads or something, but there would be absolutely no point in that. It was from Penguin. They had sent me the info for a book coming out August 4 that they wanted me to review.

So, naturally, I went to NetGalley, sent the book to my Kindle Touch, and read it. I’ll be posting my review soon, of course.

But the thing is, I was really nervous about becoming an ARC reviewer. What if I didn’t get any requests? What if my reviews weren’t good enough? How do I make them good enough? What if I’m messing something up? And then that glorious email came, giving me my first actual ARC and eliminating some of those fears.

Naturally, I’m still freaking out about reviewing it, but ah well.

Do you read ARCs? Were you just as nervous? Any advice?! Also, a quick reminder to take my BLOG SURVEY if you haven’t yet!


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