The 777 Challenge

I got tagged for this by Michelle @ The Writing Hufflepuff (thank you!!!), and it seems awesome!  In this challenge you have to share seven lines from the seventh page of (one of) your WIP(s), so this sounds like a lot of fun. I don’t really understand why it’s 777, as it’s just two sevens (seventh page and the seven lines) but ah well.

Mila stepped forwards tentatively. “My name’s Mila…”

“Cal. Good to meet you. How much do you know about this world?”

“Um, I met a shapeshifter named Kitty earlier- we were just trying to take her home, but I was curious and slipped through, but now it’s gone, can I get back? Can we open it again? Also, who’s Alina?”

“Okay, you met Kitty. She filled you in, I’m guessing. She’s my baby sister- Alina is my older one, and she controls the portals-“

“’Family quarrel’ Alina whom Kitty went to our world because?”

This is actually from a short story I’m currently editing for a summer writing class I’m doing online. It was preferable to use instead of my other WIP because the seventh page in Word for Winged is a lot of anger and yelling. :/ eep.

I HATH FIGURED IT OUT. The last seven comes in because you have to tag seven other bloggers. Oh.

I tag…

The Book Hugger (once she’s back from hiatus, of course)

Twist in the Taile

Stay and Watch the Stars

Musings From Neville’s Navel

Quenching the Quill

Books and Bark

and you, if you want to do it!


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