Bowling Green and Bardstown, Kentucky!

This is actually from when we were in the car at Bowling Green. There was soooooo much corn!

Last week, on Thursday, my family went to take a three-day trip up to Kentucky. We have some family up there, so it was nice to get to see them! I took some more photos for another Adventure post, of course. 🙂


Mammoth Cave National Park

We set off Thursday afternoon, and reached Bowling Green in the evening. The next morning we went to Mammoth Cave. It’s the longest cave system in the world, which is super cool, and has over 400 miles of cave within a 49 mile area. o.O I tried to take some photos- 29 of them, I think- but only 8 actually looked halfway decent.


There’s an example of my absolutely stunning photography skills. *extreme sarcasm*

The tour guide called this “historical grafitti”, considering that defacing the cave wasn’t banned until the 70s.
I swear, every single cave I’ve been to has a “Fat Man’s Misery” and “Tall Man’s Misery” where the cave is really close together and then really short.
There were two bridges that we had to cross. The view down from this one was the “Bottomless” bridge, I think, and apparently it’s about 150 feet to the bottom, but there’s a lot of mud down there.
This was an area where they originally mined for salt-peter (I think that was what it was called).

The caves were super huge, and super dark, and I guess I don’t have the greatest night vision, because I was stumbling around the whole time! I might just also dislike wide open spaces.


One part of the family we visited lived in Bardstown, Kentucky (bourbon capital of the South), in one of the super historic homes. They had a plaque outside their door and everything. The house was super pretty, and even though it had been renovated some, it still looked super old-fashioned and beautiful. For example, almost every single room had wallpaper, the fancy floral or striped kind. ♥.♥ In one of them, the wallpaper matched the bedspread!

Pretty wallpaper…
It’s sideways, I forgot to rotate it, but a really pretty stained glass window in one of the stairways.
Family portraits! They’re somebody’s great-grandparents, I believe.

We went and saw the Stephen Foster Story, a musical based on Stephen Foster’s life, that they perform at My Old Kentucky Home. It was a really awesome musical, and all of the performers did a fantastic job!

My sister got a fantastic panorama of the set. In the background, there’s a large thing of camoflauge covering up a set of My Old Kentucky Home. They drop the camoflauge at the very end and turn the lights on in the “home”, when he’s singing the song. It was super cool!

Naturally, I had to get something from the gift shop, so I ended up getting this blue-and-white long-sleeve shirt that said “doodah” on it! 😀

Miscellaneous fun

During the summer, one of my friends (you can meet her [kinda] here and here, yes, she’s the pranking one) went to India for about six weeks (she has family there). Anyway, knowing what awesomeness she generally brings back, I gave her some money so that I could get some goodies 😀 Last week she returned and I got the coolest stuff! THANK YOU SO MUCH L. *hugs*


A super-pretty purse, a sandalwood (?) bookmark that smells delightful, a lovely blue scarf, a postcard showing Singapore, which they also visited, two pairs of wonderful earrings (I’m wearing some right now, and a FOUNTAIN PEN. I love it all and am super duper thankful, but the fountain pen is SO COOL.

You could alternately title this post, Evi’s July. Because that is basically what my July was. XD


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