OH YES. I’m going to a Doctor Who trivia night soon, and they said you could dress up, so I thought “WHY NOT?!” I made a TARDIS dress! 😀 Enjoy!

tardis dress diy


-white roll of duct tape OR 3 pre-made sheets of white duck tape (I chose regular rolls as I wasn’t able to get sheets, so that’s what the pictures are, but you can adapt it pretty easily.)

-black duct tape roll, mini roll

-glow in the dark duck tape (optional, if you don’t get it just use “white” where it says “glow in the dark”) OR 2 pre-made sheets

-chisel tip black Sharpie

-regular black Sharpie

-fine point black Sharpie


-cutting knife/tool/thingy (works MUCH BETTER than scissors)

-cutting mat


-tin or box about 3″ high

-black headband, about an inch thick and of thick material

-hot glue gun

and most importantly…

-plain TARDIS blue dress (preferably a plain, non slick fabric). I got mine from Old Navy here,  and it worked perfectly.

Step 1: making the first sign


Take the roll of white duck tape and write the “Police Public Call Box” sign (here for reference) ON THE ROLL. That way, it’s a lot easier to not worry about the Sharpie smudging. Use the black Sharpie for outlining the letters, and then the chisel tip for filling in the rest of the white space. Use long, broad strokes with the chisel tip to avoid that whiteish gray stuff when it smears.

DSCN0312 DSCN0310DSCN0313

See what I mean?

Step 2: putting on the sign

Let it dry a little, for about 5-10 minutes. Slowly, and very very carefully, grasp a corner of the tape and peel off. If it smudges a little, that’s okay, you can color the black in a little bit more easily. Lay it on the mat and cut it from the roll. Smooth out the top of your dress (if it’s like mine, this could take a minute) and put it on the top of the dress, right under the neckline. Press it down very gently so it won’t smear. You can see this in the “tardis dress diy” picture up top.

step 3: making a duct tape sheet for the windows

NOTE: This is not the same as what you will get if you google “how to make a duct tape sheet”, because in those sheets both sides are duct tape. In this, it’s more like a duct tape sticky sheet because it’s literally just the duct tape on one side with the back on the other.


So, to do this, it’s basically laying out strips of duct tape on the cutting mat (make sure it’s clean!) so that they overlap each other. Since we’re making the windows, those measured 5.25 inches by 5.25 inches.

I used about three or four strips, I think, overlapping them about a third of the way over each other. After I made that- the window- I took a 5.25″ strip of the black mini tape roll and cut it in half vertically, so it’s even skinnier. I cut enough so that I had 7 strips for the window, and then stuck them to the window.


You can just barely see the cut I made in the second picture.


When you cut them out and put them on, do one straight down the middle, and then two going vertically (like above).

Ahem- put it on the edges, too, I just forgot to do that until I had stuck it on my dress. Oops. Also, sorry that there are so few pictures, I would work and work and then completely forget that I was supposed to be documenting this XD

If your cutting mat is big enough, just make the second window on it as well, but if it isn’t, peel the other one off and try to stick it on the dress with some knowledge of where you think the second one will go.


If you started laying down duct tape from the left side, peel up from the left side so that you won’t lose tape. Do vice versa for the right.


See? Try not to stretch it so much as you peel, but it is kinda guaranteed to, so don’t stress too much. Stick on dress!


step 5: making a duct tape sheet for the sign

Now we’re making another duct tape sheet! This one measures 6 inches high by 4.5 inches wide. Use the plain white duct tape.


Do the same procedure as the first one, except write the whole “pull to open” stuff on it (for reference, go here). Slowly- and as carefully as before- peel up the sign. I stuck mine on the skirt-part of the dress, lower left side (like it is on the TARDIS).


step 6: (Another) duct tape sheet for the st. john’s ambulance sign

Oof. This entire tutorial is basically duct tape sheets, amiright? Actually, it is…but I digress. Now we’re making a 4″ by 4″ square sheet of duct tape with white for the St. John’s ambulance sign here) After you make the sheet, find something large and circular (I used a yogurt container) to trace over the sheet for the circle.


(I forgot to take a pic again, so I just traced it, cut it out, and then put the container back on.)


After you do that, then take another slightly smaller circular object (glittler container, this time) that you can trace so that there is about a half inch of space in between the outer edge and your new tracing. DO NOT CUT IT OUT, JUST TRACE IT WITH THE PENCIL.

DSCN0325 DSCN0326

Then, outline the traced inner line and the outer edge with Sharpie. We’re slowly forming the sign! I actually took a lot of pictures for this one.


Fill in the rest off the sign (I left off the flowery stuff) and then you have it!


Peeling this one off and sticking it on the dress is a lot harder, since it’s been cut rather irregularly, but start on the side you put down duct tape on first and carefully work your way up. Try not to smudge the edges too much- but you can always redo a little Sharpieing. I stuck it to the sort of right of the “Pull to Open” sign? Lower right side.

OKAY GUYS. You have two options at this point. One, you can be like “Oh yeah, I made a TARDIS dress!” and skip the rest of this post, or you can just scroll down for the headband instructions, or you can keep reading. I’m just saying that from here on, everything is sort of optional. We got that? Cool.

Step 7: who’s afraid of the big bad wolf?

<this step uses glow in the dark duct tape. Or white, it doesn’t really matter, I just chose to glow.>

This step doesn’t involve duct tape sheets! *gasps* I know, I know, a real shocker. Just tape. Cut about a seven inch strip and lay it on your mat. Then, take a pencil and outline the letters (in block format, or bubble letters, if you will) “BAD WOLF”. All capitals make it easier. Then you have to cut them out. Be warned, this takes a lot of precision. I messed up several times.

DSCN0330 DSCN0331

I didn’t bother with the spaces inside the letters, to be honest- it would’ve ended up stretching and tearing.

Carefully, flip your dress over and choose an area to stick them on. I chose the area below my right shoulder- though you could do the skirt, the back, wherever.


They will need lots of pressing down on to make sure they stick.

step 8: TARDIS Headlamp

<more glow in the dark duct tape, yay!>

Finally, I know? This is almost over, I promise. Just the headlamp. Anyways, you’ll need the tin/box/other item, some more of that black tape, and glow in the dark duct tape for this.

*I used a tin, so the instructions will be entirely based on that. Adapt to your own materials*


I removed the lid of the tin to start off with. Wrap a long strip of tape around the sides, until it covers all of it, then cut off (you can probably use scissors for this step as it’s only a teensy bit of tape). Fold down the tape’s corners, so that the large areas in the middle are the only parts sticking up.

DSCN0350 DSCN0351

Fold down the middles, too. Then you’ll need 3 strips of 2″ long tape for the covering of the top.

Leave the lid aside, and then take your tin. Allowing about a quarter to a half inch of grace space (it depends on how tall your lid is), wrap the tin with two layers of glow in the dark duct tape.

That’s the bad side- aka the side where all the ugly cut marks are. Also, see where there’s nothing at the top? That’s the grace space- if it was covered with tape, the lid wouldn’t stay on.

Take four strips of the black mini duct tape, each to the height of the glow tape on the tin (mine, for example, was 2 5/4 inches tall). Make sure that it won’t go in the grace space! Then lay them out on the cutting mat and cut them vertically down the middle (like we did with the windows).

We’re going to stick these on the corners and in the middle (vertically) of the lamp. See:


One will also go smack in the middle on each side.

For the horizontal strips, it’s basically the same- cut strips depending on the width of your box and cut them in half vertically. Stick these on the bottom edge and middle of the tin- not the top, that’s taken care of by the lid. Apologies if this doesn’t make much sense- it’s kinda hard to describe.

DSCN0354 DSCN0355

I hope that clears things up a bit- then stick the lid on.

After you do that, go fetch your headband and a hot glue gun. Once the glue gun has warmed up, center your tin on the headband and glue it on. It might perch a little precariously and wibbly-wobbly, so you could add some tape underneath just to make sure it stays. If you want, tie a thick blue ribbon or tulle bow next to the “lamp” for some decoration.

And…. that’s it! You’re done! Go be the magestic TARDIS you were meant to be!


10 thoughts on “TARDIS Dress DIY

  1. YESS X 1000 this is so fabulous oh my goodness! Now that summer holidays = free time, I’d love to make it eek. I mean, I can plan ahead for comic con, right? 😉
    I think I’d call that cutting thing a stanley knife? Idk, ’tis a mystery. 😛 Anyway, I hope your Doctor Who trivia night is fun!

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