Being Organized While Blogging

I am a very hectic blogger. I sporadically publish posts, my topics range a lot, and I forget about stuff I’ve published until a year later. I only recently decided to keep a sort-of planner for blogging, and it has gotten SO USEFUL. So here is how I did it!

The first thing I did was find a notebook to use. I have about a bajillion notebooks (and some of them I’ll never ever write in because they’re just so pretty omg) so it didn’t take long.

Aforementioned notebook. I got it at B&N. It’s soooo pretty. I love spiral bounds, because then I can tear out pages without feeling guilty. 🙂

I started on the first page, and made a header-ish page for the month of June.


It includes the month name (duh), post I need to remember, what books I’ve read so far that month, and post ideas.

I only started keeping track of the books I’ve read so far this month, so it’s not on here.

Then I’ll do stuff like reviews, and actually write out the posts in there. It’s a lot easier, as I’m not allowed to have my tablop on me at all times- she lives downstairs (her name is Mary, if you’re curious).

DSCN0342 DSCN0343

See, I actually wrote out everything- there’s my Music Medley #4 post and a list of standalones for Cover Love Pt 1.

All in all, it’s really helpful, and useful for remembering things.

do you guys have a notebook like mine? or a planner? or do you not have it organized at all? tell me all, bloglings.


9 thoughts on “Being Organized While Blogging

  1. I love that notebook!! I use just an ordinary notebook to plan my posts and schedule them- it’s actually one left over from school last year that I had extra space in at the end. Awesome post! 🙂

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