June’s Adventures

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JUNE IS OVER. It seems to have gone by so fast. Eep. That means school starts in a month for me… no no Evi don’t say those things

Anyway, June was a good month for me!


(link to Goodreads)

The Princess Bride by William Goldman (reread): I shall forever love this book, and how Mr. Goldman pretends like his is an “abridged” version of the original, and how Florin is “real”, and all the wonderful lines. INCONCEIVABLE!

Maximum Ride Forever by James Patterson: I saw that there would be a new Max book when I was at the bookstore about a month ago, and I kind of had a little freak out because I love the Maximum Ride books and I had no clue there was going to be another one! It was much needed, though, after that cursed ending in the penultimate book.

Between the Lines and Off the Page by Jodi Piccoult and Samantha Van Leer: I disliked Between the Lines a LOT, but Off the Page was a lot better. Still only about 3.5 stars, but it was better. Oliver was more character-ish and fictional and medieval and Delilah was a bit more likeable. There was still a lot of cliches and whanot, though.

Incredibly Alice by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor (reread): I JUST LOVE THE ALICE BOOKS. They are soooo good and funny and accurate. I’ve only read the newer ones, where she’s in high school (from I Like Him, He Likes Her up) but I love her adventures and stories. Les is funny, her dad and Sylvia are just awesome, and Pamela and Liz just make everything better.

City of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare: I kind of think this entire series is “we’re-gonna-wrap-things-up-here-but-WAIT-there’s-more-bad-stuff-happening.” I do enjoy the series (except for Clary and Jace- they just kinda bug me) and Simon is my favorite, but it’s kinda getting old. I’m definitely going to finish it though.

Nimona by Noelle Stevenson: I originally read this as the web-comic, but asdfghjkl when I heard it was becoming an actual graphic novel with bonus stuffy-things, I immediately bought it. AND IT IS SO GOOD.

Counting by 7s by Holly Goldberg-Sloane: This book was really good too! It seemed really unrealistic at parts, but I loved Willow, and Mai, and just basically EVERYONE. It was a really cute MG read!

Shadows & Moonshine by Joan Aiken: I got this for Christmas, and I only just now got around to reading it, and it turned out to be a collection of short stories! They were all really quirky and cute, and it was a quick read.

The Boy Who Lost Fairyland by Catheryne M. Valente: I do enjoy the craziness of the Fairyland series, but I hadn’t reread the first three in a while, so there was a lot of stuff I felt that I missed out on ’cause I couldn’t remember. All in all, though, it was a classic Valente- poetic writing and really interesting characters. Her writing reminds me of the Alice in Wonderland books.

Drama by Raina Telgemeier (reread): I just love this book. Raina Telgemeier’s art is just fantastic and very easy, and this book is really cool. I loved reading about the play, and all the drama (*snickers*). Because it’s eighth grade- DEFINITE drama there.


I’m doing a Short Fiction Workshop through Duke TIP, which is super cool and I’ve gotten to meet some awesome people, and read some awesome (and also subtly terrifying) stories, and learn a lot. Our major project is a short story- so I did a first draft, and it was 3,951 words. But I don’t like it- it’s too much like a novel, so I think I’m going to switch to my second idea.

But how I wrote it was really fun! I had two all-day writing days, and built a fort in my room. Then I just curled up under there with my tablop for 8 hours a day and wrote. Well, half of it was writing, the other half was frustratedly staring at the screen/mental breaks. And then my back hurt a lot afterwards. But it was still really fun!


Engie posted a really good and interesting post about herself that we all basically responded to with hugging, but it also had lyrics to a song in it that came out recently- “Girls Like Girls” by Hayley Kiyoko, aka that girl from Lemonade Mouth! I think her name was Stella. Not sure. BUT anyways it’s a beautiful, beautiful video and I love the song and I’m now just a tiny bit in love with it.

The new Of Monsters and Men album came out- Beneath the Skin! You have most likely realized by now that I am extremely obsessed with them and if you haven’t then you are either new or behind so welcome. And I’m going to see them in October! ASDFGJKL this is my first concert so I’m suuuuuuper excited!!! EEP!

I literally discovered an entire band because of a Facebook post my mom saw. It was someone’s trip somewhere, and they had set it to the song “Reverend” by Pearl and the Beard. I liked the beginning of the song, so I looked them up on Spotify, finished the song, and proceeded to listen to the rest of the album and all their other songs. I’m still listening, actually. They’re very good.


I think I actually did pretty well, posting-wise, for June! I came back from basically a two month hiatus and did a lot of posts. Yay!

I shared how to make Baymax Converse and expressed by extreme love for Baymax.

I made a playlist for the book Nimona by Noelle Stevenson.

I updated my goals for 2015!

I reviewed the new OMAM album, Beneath the Skin.

I wrote a follow up for Nerdy Pranking is the Best Pranking, in which my friend L stuck sticky notes all over my house.

I did my fourth Music Medley and asked if you guys wanted it to be a bi-weekly thing with themes?

I did some Harry Potter art and drew Luna Lovegood!

I shared my love of beautiful covers on standalones.

A friend and I did a co-review and discussion of the Sherlock S3 soundtrack.

I shared my love of beautiful covers again-this time with series!

I stole the Disney Song Tag and loved it.

I did a collab post on Chloe’s blog The Book Hugger on Why You Should Read LGBTQ+ Books and loved it! Thanks again, Chloe! All the other bloggers’ responses were awesome as well.

I participated in Avid Reader’s Guest Blogging Week and did a post on When Characters Are More Than Just Characters! Thanks again, Fantasy Angel!

July’s adventure PLANNING:

I kind of want to keep doing book reviews- and I just read Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli and it was basically THE CUTEST AND BEST THING EVER- so there might actually be some reviews coming your way!

More organizing of my blog. *sighs* I have to add Read More tags to EVERYTHING. Urgh. I think I’m just going to do it for June, though, because I’m to lazy to go back and do an entire YEAR. eep.

Another DIY- this one Whovian themed. 😀

Other fun bloggy and writing stuff! Yay!

happy 4th of july to all my fellow american followers! i’m looking forwards to the fireworks (though someone set a bunch off last night and i couldn’t fall asleep. Grr) and barbecue! how was your guys’ june?


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