Cover Love pt. 2: Series!

As promised, here’s part two of my Cover Love posts! You can see Part 1 here if you missed it.


The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer

Ermagersh these covers are just so pretty!!! I love the Gothic-like font and the red accents and just EVERYTHING. The red accents also make this part cool- I can use the color filter on my camera and do this!



The Daughters series by Joanna Philbin

First of all, everyone go read this series- it’s hilarious and awesome and real! But I love how they have the three (or four, with the last one) main characters as people on the cover, with the cartoon-ish doodles in the background! And there’s accents for everything!


Wildwood trilogy by Colin Meloy

This series has beautiful illustrations by Carson Ellis, and even though the books confuse me, the covers are so pretty and artsy! I do love it when it’s actual hand-drawn illustrations for covers.


The WondLa series by Tony DiTerlizzi

I LOVE THIS SERIES SO, SO MUCH. They’re so cool, and Mr. DiTerlizzi himself does wonderful illustrations as well, and it’s just SO PRETTY. We have a little “sketchbook” of his drawings from the last book. BUT ASDFGHJKL THE BEAUTY.


Splintered trilogy by A.G. Howard

It’s impossible to make a post on pretty covers without including these books. Just- THE COLORS. AND THE PEOPLE. AND THE NATURE-Y PLANT-Y STUFF. *flails*


Percy Jackson and the Olympians by Rick Riordan

I am loving the new covers for these books! The illustrator did a really good job (I think it’s the same person who did Percy Jackson’s Greek Heroes?) and not only do the spines line up, but the covers do as well if you line them up 1-5! You’ll see a part of Blackjack’s wing on almost every book. It’s soooooo cool.


The Selection series by Kiera Cass

I own all of them, but I just love the cover for The Heir. The grey flowy dress-y thing is so pretty! I had a grey flower that matched it, but it turned out kind of blackish in the photo. 😦 Also, the font. Loving the font.


The Alice McKinley series collections by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

I love all of the books from I Like Him, He Likes her up (I’ve never read the ones before). Basically, she wrote an entire series (some 15 books) about this girl named Alice from the time she starts kindergarten, while in the last book she goes from college age to the end of her life. IT’S SO GOOD AND REALISTIC AND WONDERFUL. They have collections for the rest of them, like this one (it contains three books) and I love the covers so, so, so much! The font is wonderful and I love the yellow accents!

What are some series whose covers you love? 


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