Sherlock S3 Soundtrack Co-Review and Discussion

A few months ago, I asked another friend of mine, whom we’ll call J, if he would consider writing down his thoughts for each piece in the Sherlock series three sountrack, which you can find here. It’s a very very good soundtrack, my favorite of the three for the show, and I use it a lot while writing. Anyways, he said yes, and I did mine, and then…I couldn’t remember for the LIFE of me where I’d put his answers! I felt kinda bad about so I just left it alone for two months and then yesterday I found it in my copy of Who-ology. I have no clue what it was doing in there, but I’m glad I found it either way! Sorry, J, and here’s the review.


My thoughts are in bold, his are in italics.

“How It Was Done”

I like to call this one “Anderson’s action movie version of how Sherlock survived” complete with some electric guitar version of the main theme. It’s very, very movie like, and at about thirty seconds I thought it was a My Chemical Romance song. 😀

A great intense yet melancholic introduction to both the season and the soundtrack!

“God Rest His Soul”

This one starts out all soft, like you’d expect a piece called “God Rest His Soul” to sound, but then gets dark and loud and threatening. I like this one a lot! Very dark. 😀

Poor, poor John… his grief in Sherlock’s “death”  feels exemplified in the beginning, then transferring into a dramatic sequence.

“Floating Dust”

The beginning, the little short bursts, SOUND LIKE DUST. How does that work. But omg so prettyyyyyyyyyyy. Sweet, melancholy, and longing all at once.

The beginning of it confused me, but I enjoyed the gentle soothing in the middle, and the “searching for oneself” the ending seems to give. 

“#Sherlock Lives”

This starts out soft, but around 0:15 builds up and gets all in your face (like Sherlock!). Perfect for Sherlock coming back, sassy and majestic but also some slow parts that show John’s anger/pain. Also, more main theme- yay!

Supports the feeling of surprise and joy everyone had after Sherlock’s return really well. The reaction of John is clearly contrasting with everyone else’s in a tone of sorrow.

“Back to Work”

More guitar? What? There isn’t much till the end, but still. Not my favorite, but also kind of sounds like, “okay, here we go again. Back to the norm.” BUT it’s also foreboding. Hmm…

Sounds just like the title says, and yet there’s undertones at play that something seems different.

“Vanishing Underground”


A feeling of mystery is resonated in this song, and Sherlock feels like he’s on the case with his quiet moments for deduction and climaxes for chasing down the scent.

“John is Quite a Guy”

John has quite a piece of music. More rock-sounds, but slightly less, and more familiar music. It builds right into the action, slows down a bit, builds back up. Still ends slowly and prettily, showing the non-action part of John, I suppose (“Am I a pretty lady?”)

Very dramatic changes in dynamics- yet still seems to hold John’s imprint with some familiar themes.

(As you can see, J is much better than me at capturing a song’s essence in like two words 😀 )


This one is a direct transition from “John is Quite a Guy”- it leads right into “Lazarus”. Starts slow but with underlying danger (dun dun) and then it’s the whole Sherlock-action sound. Dangerous. Very dangerous. Ends with a bang.

Agreed. No other thoughts, really.

“Lestrade- The Movie”

Classic sounds, very action-y! Fast but quiet and equally sweet yet dangerous- PAPA LESTRADE.

Feels as if he’s on a case, similar to “Vanishing Underground”.

“To Battle”

Classic Sherlock sounds I think? I kind of tuned out during this one…oops.

Like “Back to Work” in the way that it sounds like what the title says, and yet it beholds the eccentric drones and instruments that define Sherlock Holmes.

“Stag Night”

Pretttttty sure this one was the drunk deductions. It sure sounds like it. Starts out freakishly loud and rockish (WHAT IS WITH THIS SEASON AND ROCK NOISES). Me no likey. 😦 But it was still funny!

I laughed out loud when I heard this song on Spotify! It truly feels like a hung-over version of the classic Sherlock. Even though it’s not my type of music, it was still enjoyable to listen to.

“Mayfly Man”

I zoned out again. Sorry. Same with “To Battle”.

Very eerie and creepy, otherwise very “meh”.

“Major Sholto”

A mix of dangerous-Sherlock-stuff and military march-ish? Really cool. I like this one.

Agreed with everything you said; it felt very epic and dramatic. An accurate representation of the character and grief-filled backstory of Major Sholto.

“Waltz for John and Mary”


Very beautiful and quaint. A cute love letter to John and Mary.

~interlude of a JCPenney sales ad (for me, anyways)~


Starts out super creepy, but around 1:30 gets over-cockily confident. OH LOOK IT’S MAGNUSSEN.

Another accurate representation of a character into a musical format. Really gets in your face (and flicks it) around 1:30, otherwise very dark and twisted.

“Forwards or Backwards”

Epic, fast-paced, rushing piece. You can definitely hear the “decision-making”. (This part of the show was sooooo good!)

Epic and intense, yet moody and light at other times. Most likely represents the decision making process at work.


Starts out sad and lonely, but at about 1:00 gets fast and hurrying but still melancholy. MORE FEELINGS. Poor Sherlock.

Let the sobbing commence. Full of sorrow at the first half, then crescendos slowly into an epic burst of hope.

“The Lie in Leinster Gardens”

Shock and sadness and feelings all rolled into one. YOU CAN HEAR THE PAIN GAH. Very bittersweet.

More sobbing. The overwhelming sadness and grief is exemplified as John sifts through his thoughts and feelings in this dark scenes.

“Addicted to a Certain Lifestyle”

Bittersweet and sad and slow until 2:00, then gets quiet and starts back up again. I don’t specifically remember which episode part this was from so I have no more commentary. Other than it sounds like they’re arguing but it’s also happy and sad at the same time? I don’t know.

I know when Sherlock says that John is “addicted to a certain lifestyle”, he’s referring to John’s automatic closeness to weird and eccentric characters such as Sherlock the sociopath and Mary the assassin. What this has to do with the song’s tone, I’m not quite sure. We could discuss that later. It is quite the roller coaster of emotion.

That is a very good point, it doesn’t really sound like that part!

“The Problems of Your Future”

Stays soft and pretty and “I-care-for-you” throughout the beginning, then gets a bit more reckless-sounding (like John and Mary’s life, I suppose!) before going back to soft and pretty and feels. Basically, this scene gave me lots of emotions.

Couldn’t have put it better! A really beautiful yet intense roller coaster ride.


I feel like this song is from Magnussen’s point of view. It sounds very adventurous and confident, very “I-know-I’m-gonna-beat-you.” There’s a slow bit around one minute, when Magnussen is demonstrating his “Appledore” (I’m assuming). There’s almost no sound but some in the background, almost threatening. About a minute and thirty seconds later it starts back up, swaggering back on scene.

Once again, you could not have said it better! (Danke!) It has its moments of quiet and mystery that burst out in your face (flicking it) (okay I’ll stop).

“The East Wind”

Melancholy and foreboding, very very sad. THEY KNOW THEY’RE NEVER GOING TO SEE EACH OTHER AGAIN AND THIS IS THE MUSIC. *sobs* Full of longing and sadness.

teeeeeeaaaaaaaars! So foreboding and so full of grief and sadness that it’s tearing me into little bits. Ugh.

Final conclusion? We’re both massive Sherlock fans and LOVE this soundtrack, though J is much better with the vocabulary. His were obviously more actually explanatory whereas mine were more *rolling around on the floor from feelings* 😀

Thanks, J, for doing this! Hope you guys enjoyed it! GO WATCH SHERLOCK! 😀


6 thoughts on “Sherlock S3 Soundtrack Co-Review and Discussion

  1. YES YES YES TO THE SHERLOCK SOUNDTRACK. Not even the theme song (which I’m addicted to) but basically all of them askdldlrt. I loved reading yiur comments on each soundtrack (you had me laughing at “Am I a pretty lady? XD”) I think my favourite was How it Was Done, and maybe the East Wind. I’m not sure, all of them are amazing xD

    P.S In other episodes, it’s the Moriarty soundtracks omg.

    Liked by 1 person

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