Nerdy Pranking is the Best Pranking…The Follow-Up

So, do you remember when, a week or two ago (gosh maybe even three weeks), I published the post Nerdy Pranking is the Best Pranking? About how I pranked my friend on her birthday by filling her locker with “Bad Wolf” sticky notes? Well…she got me back. I had her over, along with a couple other friends, so I couldn’t exactly leave to go collect sticky notes. Because…well, they were ALL OVER MY HOUSE. Congratulations, L, we even found some in my dad’s mini fridge (three, to be exact). So here’s some photos of some of the more…creative placements of sticky notes.


Under a lamp!
Under a picture frame!
On my phone! Sorry this one’s bad quality.
UNDER MY PHONE CASE. See photo below for my case being off.
She literally stuck one on my phone case, took my phone case off, stuck one ON MY PHONE, and put it back on. Love you, L. *sighs* I’ve left it there, though. 🙂
In the…sink?
On a framed certificate!
On a bar chair rung!
On a coaster! And yes, there are cats on that. 😛
On an whiteboard!
On the DVD player!
BEHIND THE HAND TOWEL. I simply do not understand.

Congrats on your pranking, L, but if I find another sticky note…


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