OMAM’s Beneath the Skin album thoughts

Hi all! I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this enough, but I AM A HUGE FAN OF THE BAND OF MONSTERS AND MEN. They’re that band that wrote the song “Little Talks” that got so much radio play a few years ago? Anyway, they’re awesome. They’re Icelandic, and ever since I became a fan of My Head is an Animal (their first album), I have been waiting and waiting for another album. AND IT’S HERE! Beneath the Skin was released…yesterday, I believe? So, naturally, I stopped everything and listened to it. I kept notes of my thoughts and first impressions on the album, so here they are for you!


Asdfghjkl I love this song! I especially love the drumming, its peppy-ness, and the line “let your colors bleed and blend with mine”. Not much to say about this one since I’ve heard it a few times, but I do like it!


This one has an interesting start, with the background “ooo”ing. I think I like it. Yay, Ragnar’s singing this one! He has a cool voice. This one has a bit of a different sound, but I like it.


Seems to resemble “I Of The Storm” a bit, at least at the beginning. It’s okay, I guess? It starts out really softish and slow but then towards the end it’s more upbeat and loud.

Wolves Without Teeth

This one’s funky. I…guess I like the drumming theme in their new album. These are some creepy wolves. Probably metaphorical, knowing them. There’s also a lot of electric guitar. Definitely funky.


Ooooh, I like this one. Ragnar seems to be featured a lot in this album, which is cool! It’s just so catchy!

Slow Life

I feel drawn to this song. It’s very mysterious, and there’s more electric guitar, but oh well. It’s definitely interesting.


This one seems so saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad. Gah. I don’t want to look up the lyrics ’cause I think they’ll make me sad. 😦

Black Water

PLEASE BE CHEERY TO DISTRACT ME FROM YOUR LAST SONG. *starts song* Well, at least you’re faster. This one’s more upbeat and regular Of Monsters and Men.

Thousand Eyes

The beginning is cool! Kind of chanting-like. The songs on this album are definitely less peppy, more serious and solemn. I love their music, so I don’t mind much, but it’s a weird different. Also, this song sounds kind of echoing, with Nanna’s voice. Interesting. The ending sounds like something going’s to blow up though.

I Of The Storm

While this one’s kinda sad, too, I do like it. The piano (I think it’s a piano) and drumming is awesome.
We Sink- Despite its dismal-sounding title, this one starts out upbeat and peppy. Yay! I quite enjoy this one. OMAM seems to enjoy repetition in their songs- it’s a cool theme.

I didn’t quite have enough time to listen to the bonus tracks on the deluxe version of the album, but I do love all of OMAM’s music. ❤ Are you guys fans of them? What do you think of their new album?


3 thoughts on “OMAM’s Beneath the Skin album thoughts

  1. OMG I MUST LISTEN TO THESE ALL!! I love Of Monsters and Men, basically Little Talks although I still have zero clue what the lyrics are about I don’t know lyrics! I just listen and enjoy and somehow that works for me. XD Is it weird that i’m clicking on Organs first though?! hhehe
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!


    1. I NEVER REPLIED TO YOUR COMMENT AND AM BASICALLY A TERRIBLE PERSON!!! I am so sorry. 😐 Yay for fellow Of Monsters and Men fans! Yeah, it’s generally pretty hard to realize what they’re saying… ^-^ ORGANS IS SO GOOD THOUGH. Depressing….but good. *nodnod*


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