Mid-Year Update: 2015 Blog Goals

Apparently at the beginning of the year I published a post called “2014 Blog Goals”. That was a big typo, as it was for 2015. *headdesk* Anyway, I’m going to do a mid-year update to see how I’m doing with these goals!

1. Schedule more posts, and post more often.

After my month-long hiatus in April, I do hope that this’ll be something I work towards. I can’t really say much, but I guess it’s also sort of up to you guys. How do you think I’ve been doing? Do you want to see more posts?

2. Reach 100 followers!

Done! Right now I’m at exactly 125 followers! Yay! Thanks, everyone! *blows virtual kisses everywhere*

3. Reach 200 followers.

Not yet! I hope I will before next year, though!

4. If I reach 200 followers, I want to consider going self-hosted.

This is still a big goal of mine, and I don’t know if it’ll happen until the year after next, but it’s still on my radar and is something I want to consider.


I think, so far, that we have discovered that I’m not the greatest with book reviews- soundtracks for books and making quotes is more my thing. So that’ll probably be what I end up doing in the future!

6. Celebrate my blogoversary!

Yup, this didn’t happen. My blogoversary was… May 3rd, I believe? Smack in the middle of my unplanned hiatus. Maybe next year…I say that meaningfully

7. Bring back Song of the Day.

I don’t think that I actually want to follow up with this one- I really don’t want to publish every day and besides, I’d probably run out of songs fairly quickly. Music Medley is good for now.

(Speaking of which, what would you guys think if I turned Music Medley into a bi-weekly thing with a theme for every two weeks? You could post whenever you wanted within that two week period. I’m not certain if I like it or not, so I wanna hear what you think!)


4 thoughts on “Mid-Year Update: 2015 Blog Goals

  1. Ooh, yes, that sounds awesome! I love doing Music Medley, but since it’s just a whenever you want thing, it’s pretty easy to forget about. And themes would really help for coming up with ideas about what songs to post on! 😀

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