DIY Baymax Converse


I am a HUGE fan of all things Disney, and after seing Big Hero 6 last year, I was in love. I drew little Baymax eyes (•—•) everywhere. I also am a huge Converse fanatic (I have four pairs. They are my equivalent of owning lots of high heels) so when I thought of decorating my new, red Converse Baymax style I was all for it!

What I Used:

  • Black chisel-tip Sharpie
  • Purple chisel-tip Sharpie
  • Blue water-based Sharpie paint pen

Having the chisel-tip Sharpie isn’t necessary, a regular one works fine, but the chisel-tip covers a lot more area, obviously. The blue paint pen makes the blue clearer and it ends up looking really cool!

What I Did:

To start off, I drew the Baymax eyes on the white, plastic-y part of the Converse with the black Sharpie. I like the way mine are, but I also think it would look cool if you did one large, black dot on each white part and then connected them across the shoes.

After that, I would recommend coloring the little part within the hems, where the laces are, purple, along with the metal rims around the lace holes. Another part to color is the back piece of fabric.

Then, use the blue paint pen to go over the stitched sections.

Basically, the part within the pink stitches- or white, in our case. The blue and purple is supposed to kind of resemble the coloring of Baymax’s armor from the movie. After you do that, you can also color the little lace cover on the tongue blue, or leave it blank. Then you’re done! You can make any other added details, too, but this is most basic.



16 thoughts on “DIY Baymax Converse

  1. Oh, wow, these are awesome! BAYMAX FOREVER ❤
    I only have one pair of Converse sadly, but I absolutely love them to bits. 🙂
    I'd love to have a go at this, but I'm scared to get it wrong haha. Maybe I'll try it with some other canvas-y shoes if I can find any slightly cheaper ones!

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