Nerdy Pranking is the Best Pranking

This week happens to be one of my best friend’s birthday, so we celebrated for her the last week of school. I don’t know about your school, but we have lockers and decorating them for birthdays (i.e. completely-wrapping-papering-it-and-then-more-stuff) is a huge thing among friends. Well, my friend group, at least. We’re all very geeky awesome beings (hi guys!). Naturally, we decided to decorate her locker. I printed out some pictures of her favorite fandoms to put on top of the wrapping paper, but I also had a little something special planned.

Sorry for the awful quality. But yes, that is the Doctor and Sherlock, Percy Jackson, Rose, and the Deathly Hallows. ^-^

Now, this friend (we’ll call her Lunar Kinney- a pseudonym of hers) and I are the ultimate partners in crime. We constantly make the other mad but we’re always doing it in good fun. Example? She once slapped me upside the head just because she’d only ever read the phrase “slapped upside the head” in books and wanted to see what would happen.


But anyway. We’re both really big Doctor Who fans, and kind of like to tick each other off with the whole “Bad Wolf” thing. So once she was at my house and I went somewhere else for two minutes and in that time she managed to cut out twenty pieces of paper, write “BAD WOLF” on them, and scatter them all over my house.

I’m not kidding here. I only just now found one in our dollhouse the other day and this incident was over a month ago.

Of course, our pranking is all in good fun, but I was determined to get her back. So while we were planning the decoration of the outside of her locker, I was planning the inside.

Ladies and gentlemen, I was going to sticky-note the inside of her locker.

That many sticky notes were written on. It took about 10 minutes.

I took a pack of sticky notes and wrote Bad Wolf on every. single. one. (there was a few “i create myself”s and “Rose Tyler, I-“s in there, too.) Was it a waste of sticky notes? Yes. Did my hand start to hurt from the angle? Yes. Was it worth it? Heck yeah!


The next day at school, I asked one of my teachers to unlock her locker, and then I got to work while another friend (hi, Katniss!) did the outside. Somehow, we had enough sticky notes to cover the entire inside of her locker.

Our lockers are that size, so just imagine the entire inside- including the side walls- covered in yellow stickies.

I’m sorry I don’t have end photos- there ended up being no time to take out my phone for a quick snap, and I don’t think they would’ve let me anyway- but her reaction was golden. I hid behind a friend to avoid public displays of aggression. The bonus? It was the last week of school, meaning she had to take all of those sticky notes home when we cleaned out her lockers. Her mother mock-thanked me for the now yellow wall in her daughter’s bedroom. You’re welcome!

The only problem about this is that she will now be getting me back. In a bigger way. I swear, if I wake up one morning and “BAD WOLF” is written all over my fave, Lunar…

Oh dear. I probably shouldn’t be giving her ideas. *hides*


8 thoughts on “Nerdy Pranking is the Best Pranking

    1. This is hilarious! What a great idea for a prank 😉 I’d probably be too lazy to try this one myself though because I mean… all those sticky-notes!! Wow. Kudos to you Evi!

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