I Am Horribly Sporadic

Confession: I am a bit of an awful blogger.

I procrastinate. I complete forget that I have a blog and WordPress exists. I leave things off till the last minute, I say “oh, this would be interesting to post about” and never do. I have ideas that never get touched, and sometimes my mother even has to remind me. The other day I even had a dream about blogging since I hadn’t in ages. I schedule posts all at once or I don’t at all, and sometimes you guys are spammed with three posts in a day or three in a month.

So I am very sorry.

There was an excuse- at first– for my over-a-month-long hiatus: I got super sick beginning of April (like, never-moved-from-my-bed-other-than-the-bathroom-for-two-days-straight sick) and then I had end of the year tests (JOY). And then… there really wasn’t another excuse. I was bored? I was lazy? Nope. Those aren’t legitimate reasons. So. I AM SO SORRY. I promise I wasn’t kidnapped or anything, as my friend suggested you might be thinking (I don’t know why).

But in this time, lots has happened!

I went to North Carolina! I pranked one of my best friends! I finally saw Pitch Perfect! I started The Lizzie Bennet Diaries! Carmilla Season 2 comes out June 2nd (did you hear that, Engie?!)! I got my hair cut! Et cetera! Et cetera! So there will probably be lots of posts coming your way (AND I SWEAR THAT THIS TIME, I’M NOT JUST SAYING THAT.)


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