Duo Review: The Raven Boys and The Dream Thieves *CONTAINS MAJOR SPOILERS*

Basically, I was pressured by the blogging community as a whole to start this series.

Specifically Cait. She flails about it quite often. There’s others, too, but BASICALLY EVERYONE SAID “HERE READ THIS”.

And bloglings, lemme tell you: YOU DID NOT DISAPPOINT.

They were wonderful. I need to go find Blue Lily, Lily Blue. Immediately.

I loved, loved, loved these books! It was definitely a satisfying and well-hooking start to the Raven Cycle. So let’s go over the characters, shall we?

Blue Sargent: Blue was an interesting and tough main character. She had sass (which made it funny) and was not taking any crap from people, simply put. She wasn’t exactly an extremely likable character, but I think that’s where Ms. Stiefvater excelled. She got people to like a difficult-to-like character.

Gansey: Gansey, I swear, made the book. He was so polite and friendly and stick-by-the-rules, yet also wasn’t. He was determined and frustrating and frustrated and wonderful. And he was a fantastic friend. My favorite parts were when he decided to start calling Blue “Jane” and it was just hilarious and awesome. He was just so confident and perfect!

sexy animated GIF

Adam Parrish: Adam was another character whom I loved, but I can’t seem to decide if it’s him or Ronan that is the troubled soul. They both seemed pretty mad-at-the-world at parts, though Ronan stayed that way, I suppose. Anyway, Adam was so shy to start with and then ended with being angsty and angry and so confused. I would say he’s one of my favorite characters, but I loved everybody, so I guess I can’t. But all I want to say is poor, poor Adam. His parents were awful and he got angry and I felt so bad. 😦

Noah: Okay, major plot twists with this kid much? He’s dead. What the heck. But he was also so shy and adorable and cute and I was like “COME HERE AND LET ME HUG YOU.” Though him reenacting his death was kind of weird. Like, creepy. Noahstoppityou’rescaringsmallchildren. I think he was the most underrated character, in the books at least, but that’s what made me like him so much more! And the fact that he’s dead. There’s not many dead guys in books.

Ronan Lynch: All through The Raven Boys, I greatly disliked Ronan Lynch. He was rude and generally not nice. And he made fun of people. But then I started The Dream Thieves, which made more evident as to what a troubled kid he was, and how he would actually so anything for his friends. Him being able to pull stuff out of dreams was pretty cool, though most definitely not advisable if there’s a psychopath named Kavinsky around who will make fire breathing dragons.

Credit: http://walkingnorth.deviantart.com/journal/Animated-art-dump-416277717

Maura: Blue’s mom was… interesting? She was kind of weird. But she and Blue had a realistic mother-daughter relationship- they were family sometimes and then they fought sometimes. Which makes sense. My mom and I aren’t always friendly (sorry Mom) but I still love her! So yay for realistic relationships.

Maggie Stiefvater’s writing is phenomenal.

Her writing was stupendous. Like, it was funny and true and dry and sarcastic and lyrical and sad and happy and beautiful and just SO MANY FEELS. I have never ever read a book with such glorious writing. It felt like we were an outsider, watching the things happen from beyond, yet we were still so connected to the characters.

The concept was awesome. Ley lines? check. Dead kings? check. Dream creatures? check.

LIKE, LEY LINES ARE SUPER COOL AND I WANT TO GO FIND ME ONE. Except I most definitely wouldn’t want all the trouble that comes with them *shudders*. Ronan being able to bring things out of dreams was both terrifying because those nightmare things?! Scary as heck. And Kavinsky was a bit creepy. Honestly. But wonderful idea. And ALL THE PLOT TWISTS. Adam awakening things and giant fire-breathing dragon battles.


So, in short, I loved this book. Go read it. Now. Please? It shall not disappoint.

Rating: 5 smily faces!


smiley face ratingsmiley face ratingsmiley face ratingsmiley face ratingsmiley face rating




How was your week, bloglings? How was school? How was work (I dunno, how many of you aren’t teens)? Have you read the Raven Cycle books? Do you enjoy Maggie Stiefvater’s writing? Have you been productive this week? (I haven’t. 😛 )


2 thoughts on “Duo Review: The Raven Boys and The Dream Thieves *CONTAINS MAJOR SPOILERS*

    ‘Tis amazing. I’m glad you’ve joined the club. The only thing I don’t get though is all the descriptions of accents, like ‘old money and Virginia’ or whatever. I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHERE VIRGINIA IS, LET ALONE WHAT THE ACCENT SOUNDS LIKE.
    Yeah. My knowledge of American accents is pretty much nil. In my head I just made the Henrietta accent into, like, an East End sort of thing.
    (I’ll admit, though, I do kind of like Ronan. Yeah. 😉 )


    1. YES YES YES THE RAVEN CYCLE! 😀 Ooooh, clubs! *grabs club sticker from your hands and sticks it on shirt* Virginia’s like near Washington D.C. ish? I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW THAT VIRGINIAN PEOPLE COULD HAVE ACCENTS UNTIL THIS BOOK! I honestly just think of our country’s accents as Southern, Northern, and then everybody else. 😛


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