Note- this post wasn’t scheduled, but it wasn’t actually a perfect day yesterday. It was the perfect day, like, two weeks ago, but still. The idea is lovely.

The weather outside yesterday was perfect. A lovely combination of hot and cool, a sort of warmth in which you can wear jeans and a T-shirt and not be cold, but not sweat either.

I went outside to play with our dogs for a bit, and it was wonderful. After winter, I’m so glad there’s spring for us to ease into summer.

But then, I found myself thinking- my definition of perfect temperature might be too cool or too warm for other people. The definition of perfect varies for everybody. So, my blogling children, what is your perfect?

My perfect is cool summer nights, snow falling outside the windows, having a good talk with my friends, laughing, finding wonderful and inspirational pics on Pinterest, and super hugs. My perfect is finally feeling connected to my characters, finding that perfect book(s) that become your favorite(s), feeling so emotionally connected to a book that you can’t help but wish, wish so hard that you were with them right there.

So- what is your perfect? Is your perfect close to mine? Or is it different completely? Share your thoughts!


13 thoughts on “Perfection

  1. My perfect will change depended on the season. A snowfall is prefect. (We barely get snow were I live) But a nice summer day with a slight breeze is also perfect.


  2. Those summer days where there’s not a cloud in the sky, and you can lie down and be warmed by the sun. I’m more of a how person than a cold person, except regarding snow (well, snowball fights and snowmen really).


  3. Usually my perfect is snow and rain (I LIKE RAIN. Nothing beats the smell and teh awesome feeling when it’s raining. If I could get two perfumes, one would be the scent of books and the other would be rain xD)

    But over where I live, it’s summer already. The perfection of cool summer nights sitting on swings and reading and fangirling with my best friend…

    Yeah…I missed summer 🙂


      1. This is really funny, but I have an almost opposite opinion or reaction to the word perfection. I really like warm days were it just rained but the sun is already out, and sitting under a tree or going to the movies with friends.
        But when I think about perfection, I think about the stress and pressure I put on myself to do everything perfect. Especially school-work. I want whatever I do to look and have perfect content, (which leads to me stressing in blogging) and to look neat as well.
        I want to be a perfect person, so I’m really self conscious, at the same time I don’t care?
        It’s just really interesting, because when I saw the title of your post, I was expecting something like that, but I like how you state perfect in a more relaxed way. Really made my day!


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