Character Growth in Real Life

Note: This was a scheduled post- I’m sorry that I haven’t done the promised book reviews yet, school has been chaos. I love you all though! Enjoy!

Hi, bloglings (do you mind if I call you that?)! Anyhow, in my Reading class, we just finished the book Bomb: The Race to Build- and Steal- the World’s Most Dangerous Weapon by Steve Sheinkin. It’s about World War II, and how Robert Oppenheimer and the Manhattan Project built the bomb, as well as how Germany was stopped, and how the Soviet Union spied and stole secrets. It was very interesting, and I’d definitely reccomend it if you enjoy historical nonfiction. If you like fiction primarily, it’s also good because it reads like that. There’s lots of dialogue and vivid descriptions, etc.

One of our study guide questions for the final test was how Robert Oppenheimer changed throughout the story/time period. And as I was answering it, I realized how much people actually do change in reality.

Oppenheimer, at the start of the book, was a forgetful, genius, crazy physics professor who taught at the University of California Berkeley. By the end, he was still a genius and slightly crazy, but he’d become a leader, able to direct a project of building a weapon that could change the world.

So I’d like to apply this example to writing. Whether your novel is set over a short or long period of time, make sure your character develops. The novel would lose its entire meaning if something didn’t happen to your character that changed them, for the better or worse- or somewhere in between.

People change in real life, that much is obvious. I am not the book blogger I was in May of last year (thank the heavens), and you probably aren’t too. So with this in mind, I’d recommend going and brainstorming, straight-up thinking, doing whatever you can to inflict it upon your writing. I’m definitely guilty of this all the time, mainly because I’ve never finished writing a novel. But I am determined to change that, now that I’ve thought about it some.

Thoughts? Opinions? Ideas? Writing advice of your own?


PS: Is anyone else’s WordPress doing this weird thing where it shoves the actual post-typing thingy way at the bottom of your screen when you’re making a new post? It’s being weird on me again.

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